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Week in solitary confinement. He has asked for an English speaking cellmate, he doesn't speak Russian very well having to use a translator. He's also asked for some clothes, and even a toothbrush now, his family said this all started because he went to Moscow for a wedding of a friend intelligence, the State Department sources, tell CBS news. They are confident that wheel is not a spy correspondent Jan Crawford. Their Wieland's arrests comes. Less than a month after a Russian woman Maria Bettina plead guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent admitting to be involved in an organized effort backed by Russian officials to lobby members of the NRA and the Republican party. Well, they got word yesterday about the new program for cheaper metro cards running late in New York. We'll get some answers about that today as we hear from Marla diamond. The delay was frustrating advocates for low income New Yorkers like David Jones. A new MTA board member appointed by mayor de Blasio. This is perhaps other than earned income tax credit, one of the major benefits that could go to people who are struggling that progressive mayor who signature campaign issue was income inequality initially did not want the city to be on the hook for the cost. We're going to do this now, but everyone agrees it would ideally be part of an MTA funding package in the future. If airfares program will provide half-price weekly and monthly metro cards to those living below the federal poverty line. Eight hundred thousand New Yorkers would be eligible in Harlem Marla diamond WCBS, NewsRadio eight eight eight thirty five the business in real estate community across north Brooklyn is reacting to the news that they won't be shutting down the L train for fifteen months after all this Newsom governor Cuomo. Here's Steve burns. If you signed a lease in Williamsburg over the last few months. Chances. Are it had a few hundred dollars taken off? Thanks to the pending L train shutdown now says Grant Long at St. easy. Those are some of the luckiest people in the city. Themselves for.

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