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The house pretty there was at least one two pound slab of bacon and he wrapped in a dish towel and then left on the floor of one of the bedrooms so weird there is a bowl of bloody water that was later found he he washed himself off he washed off the axe although he left it behind any apparently hung out for a little while in the house before leaving sometime before five AM so the murders took place around midnight yeah and then come five AM the house is dark still five AM so that's not the weirdest thing although we're talking about Iowa so many people were up at five including the neighbor a woman named Mary Packham and she noticed that there wasn't anybody up at the house which was a little odd it was a Monday morning now and by seven she thought it was just downright eerie that there was no sign of life at the house she went over and let the Morris chickens out so that they could pick around and feed she called Joe Moore's store and said Hayes has Joe showed up and found but from the employee that he hadn't and finally one of those two gets in touch with a guy named Ross more Joe Moore's brother and Ross comes over and unlocks the door the front door was locked and he goes inside any comes almost immediately rushing back out calling for the local Marshall to be called yeah and basically he gets Hank Horton is the marshals name he gets them on the scene in this this is where things just kind of go berserk it's it's such a small town such a grisly crime any chances of serving a crime scene and this is nineteen twelve I don't even know how much a small town like this knows about preserving a crime scene at the time but any hopes were lost within those first few hours after the discovery because by all accounts there were a hundred or more people that went through that house from doctors to corners to investigators who just townspeople right that were allowed to just go in there and check things out yeah so the the person group that comes with the the the Marshall hang cordon right was to two doctors and a minister J. Clark Cooper all right great doctor name Jacor Cooper and Edgar Huff and Wesley Ewing who was the minister of the church they were the first contingent to make it into the house after Ross more came running out yeah so they go in and they know enough to not disturb things too much yeah another guy gets brought in LA linguist he's the corner yep he tries to take some notes about the crime scene but the person who got the most information was another doctor his name was that's William DFS Williams was the one who examine the body in a later in quest he had the most details offer about the bodies of positions all that stuff so when those guys walked in they were at least well versed enough to note sure not disturb things as much as possible or at least more than the towns people there yeah N. F. as Williams allegedly came out of the house pretty shaken and said don't go in there boys you'll regret it to your last day now and the townspeople said nuts to you we're going inside we want to see some dead bodies and they all regretted it probably to their last day yeah because they they did not only mess of the crimes in the pokes around there was supposedly the town drunk took some fragments of Joe Morris goal as mementos like take the currency was toast like you said if if you could have ever been preserved was toast and even the local druggist showed up with his camera to help preserve the crime scene because he heard that the towns people were were tramping all over it in Ross more not understanding what he was doing through the guy out it is just being a goal trying to get pictures so the crime scene is utterly and completely lost yeah and one of the things about Alaska almost said bestseller is that it was a train down there were about thirty trains everyday that went through there and so by this time unless this person was local and may be hiding out locally by all accounts the murder had probably have to train was out of there right time but they don't go on they didn't realize this until they'd already released some blood hounds they search the countryside there was like a pretty pretty big search to find whoever did this and they didn't find anybody so the town is just terrified town of two thousand people eight including six children just been murdered with an axe in your town and now the sun starting to go down and nobody's been caught all right so let's take a break and we'll come back and talk about suspect number one right after this Albuquerque international son port I've forty both directions not seeing any problems at all you're looking good and you're running at speed no issues getting through the big guy I twenty five south Salem well on the on ramp I twenty five south bound to commit you we have an accident it's off.

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