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G. y. governor Cuomo inserting himself into the. Controversies running that lemonade stand opened up by a seven year old in Boston spa Brendan Mulvaney lemonade stand by the Saratoga county fair shy, shut down, by state health inspector who shut down the site saying Brendan needed a permit well today Cuomo issuing a statement saying he wants the State Department of health. To reach a resolution with a Mulvaney family to ensure that, Brendan's lemonade stand can continue to operate in the governor says if a permit is needed he'll personally fork over the, thirty, dollars, reportedly vendors, at the, fair were, grumbling because They said Brendan was undercutting their prices by, nearly ninety percent strange one in scary county teenager. Reported Michigan March has been found hiding in a small compartment in a wall in a, Preston hollow. Home and police are saying that she went. There willingly police saying seventeen year old Amanda paternity was. Being helped by people to stop her from being found four. People now, being charged in the case thirty eight year old Jeremy. Shafer thirty four year old, John Winnie Thirty-seven-year-old. Nicole. Briggs Preston hollow and a seventeen year old not being named are charged with child endangerment and obstruction of governmental administration President Trump wants, his, chief of staff to stick around FOX's John. Decker is. More from the White House just days after marking his one year anniversary as White House. Chief, of staff John Kelly told the west wing staff that President Trump had asked him to remain in his post through the twenty twenty election Kelly agreed to the request and if he remains in, his post through twenty twenty, he would be among the longest serving White House chief of staff in American history Tensions between the president and Kelly have eased in recent months the sixty. Eight year old retired marine general came into the job with the mandate to impose discipline in the west wing at the White, House Jon decker Fox News. CBS conduct an investigation of alleged misconduct by its employees, NBC news media editor Claire Atkinson says the company, has been very cautious so far Seems. Like they're afraid to name the CEO in any of that communications why because I think they. Want to leave Leslie Moonves has to decide for himself whether he's going to step down company announcing. It would hire an outside law firm, to, conduct, the investigation last week the New Yorker published an article in which six women claim they were sexually harassed by CBS CEO. Les Moonves sends his handed down in a murder-for-hire that took the. Life of a Schenectady man Charleston Brodsky was shot outside, his home on November nineteenth of. Two thousand sixteen two, men from Wilmington Delaware are now sentenced for his murder Giovanni Luna the man who actually committed the murder was. Sentenced to the maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. His accomplice Keyshawn Moore was sentenced, to twenty five years to life both were convicted based on phone records in St. cameras still to face trial. Hershon LOL, the DA's office says law was the beneficiary of a life insurance. Policy taken out on the victim several months before he was killed Diane DeNardo NewsRadio Eight ten and. One or three one w. g. y. massive wildfire raging near Redding California already the. Seventh? Most destructive in the state's history since. It started just over a week ago the car fire has burned an area larger than Denver destroyed more than eleven hundred buildings including more than eight hundred. Homes it has also claimed six lives including two people fighting. The fire Alan Alda revealing he has. Parkinson's disease and he wants people to know he's doing well ward winning actor director and writer. Said today on CBS this morning he was diagnosed in two.

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