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The grind run with us on the John Deere Gator you is your daily routine may change but the land stays the same there's still work to be done I heard to keep in line and ground to cover being linked to the land needs the work never stops so keep going indicator you be featuring a hefty payload capacity smooth riding suspension and the power to forge ahead nothing runs like a Deere search John Deere Gator for more coming up on KCBS a new partnership between two bit bay area research institutions is hoping to find a new drug to treat people infected with the corona virus we're going to dig a little deeper and five minutes the CBS news time five fifteen right now we're to talk baseball Kevin is back to tell us it's a players and owners are not seeing eye to eye yeah the baseball players are take a least a few days and possibly until next week to respond to MLB's proposed salary cuts remember the star players like Mike trout and Gerrit Cole will lose most under the sliding scale propose about seventy seven percent of the thirty six million they were each set to earn I know people are crying crocodile tears but to a big leaguer making a million or less will keep at least forty three percent of his salary about four hundred and sixty of the approximately nine hundred players on rosters and injured last when spring training was stopped in mid March due to the coronavirus make a million dollars or less Arizona state men's basketball coach Bobby Hurley sent an email to ray Anderson last season alleging the Arizona state athletic director minimize sexual harassment allegations by the wives of three athletic staff members against a school booster in the email obtained by Yahoo Hurley accused Anderson on December eighth of disregarding the.

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