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There's no positive or negative thoughts that i have i just know and respect how good good ed in his and i think that's what brings the best out of me in the training camp and and i fought him and he beat me he beat me in my i lost my professional career so it's one that we've talked about it before. I'm very excited very hungry to get it back and nervous very it's all good nerve so it's it's a fight that excites me and excite. Excite me the first time. Do you feel so maybe since stuff i i did. I watched the first fight today and it's actually remarkable just to see the evolution particularly particularly in your game that you're so maybe one dimensional in our fight in terms of you know. It was really very much on your feet. You'll strike and there was no amion. Amion claims work against the cage very love it anyway ice on our fight de feel as though you're just a totally completely different fighter from what you were backed in compared. That's what you are nine hundred rufus. The only thing that i think remains the same as my toughness and my door ability. I think that's what i had him. What got me through that fight with him and my base skills were there. You know i've always been awful guy and a and a pretty decent striker but like like you said since working with duke and even working with my team and philly just in throughout the years. That's even gotten better. Daniel gracie has brought a new coaches guy john that i work with back in philly. She's really work on my boxing when they're keeping my hands really sharp inbetween these training camps duke and obviously when i'm out here in milwaukee man dukes a mass i am on break things down really well <hes> and like you said adding more clench more take downs working with my juice cookies out here. <hes> you know both my daniels does daniel gracie in philly daniel delay here in milwaukee just soap around some more composed. I was so violent japan when i first thought him and that's all i was just fall and sure we spoke about this.

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