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What the first thing I said about. NATO is despite his demeanor and mannerisms and the way he carries himself in the ring, and on his way to the ring and things like that was like. I can't understand a word of what Naito saying. But I understand exactly. What he's thinking and the message he's trying to convey and. Like I can just you don't have to understand what he's saying. You could just see it by the way he carries himself. You. Know exactly what he's thinking he's. Excellent at. letting. The viewer know. What his you know! His motives are. What he's thinking in that ring at all times, but by without verbally communicating. Exactly I also have a guy in my five six and seven middle wrongs That is much higher on everyone. Else's list hpk the heartbreak kid shawn. Michaels I have haven't at number six, not even in the top five. and. That's huge. That I don't have them there. Because No spoilers. He's definitely in everyone else's top by. As a matter of fact, he's in. Everyone. Else's in the same spot except for me. So, there's your little. We'll get into. That is going to me. I Love Shawn Michaels. But. As good as he is I whatever he's doing, anybody who's above him on my list, I think did it better. I think Shawn Michaels. When I say AJ Jay. Styles is Shawn Michaels? Of now I agree with that I am not arguing when he will say I agree with that. And that's again. Why Aj Thousand Honorable Mentions now my top ten, because Shawn Michaels was taking things from other people in. You know he's like this this Meld. Of, it all you know and it's great, and it's wonderful to watch, but again the people I have above him are. I just when I'm looking at it, and I'm really and again I'm tell you this right now. My top six is the most nit picky. I can flip flop things left and right you know H. Vk, depending on Day could be above number five, but. Number five web obviously is Richie seen boat? You know I. He's had. Such amazing matches across the world with Rick Flair some of the top matches considered in our wrestling industry. Ricky steamboats of he's considered. It's considered one of the best wrestling Wrestlemainia matches her a long time until taker HPK. Was Macho man and Ricky steamboat. And again. vk Is a lot of other wrestling matches including ones against Bret Hart where he won his title. Wrestlemainia tent where he went up against Razor Ramon in the I highly publicized ladder match, definitely not the first ladder match but. These are all great moments, but it took on his entire career. And facing one of the most iconic gimmicks in streak behind it with a serious. story involved for the motion to come out to where someone finally fought that a Wrestlemainia at least it became a wider opinion that arrestable mania match was better than Wrestlemainia Sleaze Ricky steamboat. Macho Man Randy savage Hence. Why steamboats five? Michael's is six. And it's. Again. Tomorrow, this is one of the ones I was talking about how things flip-flop in the last three weeks Michael's was higher three weeks ago. Michael's was was in my top five three weeks ago. Now he's not and again these these. Like Zia stated with talking about Knicks or talking about anything else, this is everyone's personal opinion, and it can fluctuate a lot. This one I think is more polarizing than any of them, because while we're not I'm not giving away where michaels in is in everyone. Else's list is in the exact same spot for everyone else's list and it's much higher than mine. So that. I think H. vk is the most replacement. Mind is definitely the most polarizing. My list and again Ricky steamboat him and ric. flair go around the world one of the highest Most, widely considered best matches is ricky steamboat. Ric flair clash of champions. I WANNA. Say Eighty eight I could be wrong. Let's not nit. Pick that because Jesus Christ quiet I. Think Class Eighty, nine, eighty, nine, okay? Highly touted as the best wrestling match. Of all time you know and again so many different types of opinions on this, but Ricky steamboat I feel man with as many. Top ten matches. This dude is involved in. There's no way you can have them outside of the top five. As far as in ring, workers Let's move on to? Knicks number five six seven nick has at number seven stone. Cold, Steve. At his number. Five is a guy that was on a lot of. Number six. Yes number six was is the guy that he has on his left that was in some honorable mentions an I'm not anyone else's list. Macho man, randy savage, and that a number five just like Joe he has Bret Hart talk while you think Randy, savage Zurve the top ten spot hill top five spots. Nonsense number six, and then of course, the top five Bret Hart and Steve Boss. Well, you know. For Randy savage, you know growing up. I I watched me. I started watching wrestling probably. Summer Slam eighty nine summer slam ninety has the one where earthquake and Hulk Hogan. Had A match and That's really when I started watching wrestling in the united took a pretty extensive break in the late nineties early thousands, but Randy savage for me. again another one of those guys that not only could work in the ring, but he.

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