America, Charleston West Virginia, Opioid Abuse discussed on Slate's The Gist - No Hard Feelings


So back to white privilege my problem with white privilege is that part of it is pretty true in fairly obvious and can probably be better defined as something like this black people are generally systematically socially disadvantaged in america but there are so many exceptions to that statement that i wonder how well the framework holds up tyga white baby born addicted to opioids outside of charleston west virginia put that baby in a series of foster homes fails to get high school education he falls into his own opioid abuse he dies early now believer in white privilege would say well you know white privilege as a theory is a framework it doesn't preclude bad outcomes for some white people the advantages given to society in general but i have to wonder for how many people do the exceptions to the framework have to be exceptions before this framework stops being an accurate description for an entire society what do we need a third of appellation opioids there's massive mental illness there is depression there's desperation do not factor this at all into the framework now the true an obvious point seems to be that in general white people are more advantage than black people and hispanic people in america furthermore a lot of the advantages baked into the system not just about the niceness of white people it systemic so i by all of that but i stop at the white privilege framework now i understand the framework white privilege it's not just about who has more money or as a better life it's about how societies organiz down to the default color of bandaids and it's come up a lot in the literature.

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