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An air conditioner will work quite nicely but you may find also that an air conditioner doesn't lower the humidity level adequately and that you may need a whole house dehumidification unit i remember dom deluise had a water problem of from front planter had been over watered and deciding got wet and all of that and he was running five portable dehumidifiers throughout his home and running around the house changing these reservoirs and then finally we got with the folks at april air and they installed a whole house dehumidifier for him and boy what a difference that was so happy people who've never seen a large dehumidifier operate would would be amazed at saying you know a gallon of water collected every several hours simply being squeezed out of the air in the house right it's quite amazing quite an and the water the water looks pretty drinkable yeah so so someone might say well what's the difference between an air conditioner and a dehumidifier and that is how they handle both heat runoff yeah the air conditioner continues to generate cool air the dehumidifier makes certain that the air temperature doesn't change if the air is warm then the dehumidifier brings it back to the same warmth hair conditioner continues to condition the air and cooler and cooler and cooler while getting rid of the water so that's the basic difference in how temperature is affect right and air guys i'm stated earlier conditioners grain moisture outside using a condensate line where dehumidifiers drain moisture into a reservoir but a whole house can drain into a condensate air conditioner an air conditioner takes the moist air and passes it to the outside that's correct and the same is true with the dehumidifier i understand that passes it to the outside gas so should you use an air conditioner and dehumidifier well while it may seem like they serve the same function dehumidifiers are distinct from air conditioners for one key reason since they're smaller and less costly to operate you can run them all day an air conditioner only pulls humidity out of the air wallets cycled on and while you could set the thermostat on instead of auto to have it collecting all day you'd certainly be in for a surprise when you've got your utility bill unless you live in the great northwest where trinity dirt cheap or in palm desert where it also is dirt cheap so if you're feeling a little sticky maybe there's a dehumidifier in your future and if you'd like.

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