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News. 6 O 8. Get a precision AC tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the 8s, what's the latest Jack Taylor? Now some slowing we're dealing with now. I've got a building volume used to it. Virginia, Dale City going north on 95 into woodbridge so far, the only delay between Fredericksburg and Springfield crowded on 66 east leaving manassas headed toward Centreville slow from the toll road on the inner loop up to the George Washington Parkway, tractor trailer crash, clean up ongoing, to left lanes will get you by. Sounds like V dot is arrived on the scene on the outer loop of the beltway after Georgetown pike toward the toll road. Got a broken down tractor trailer. You'll see the era board blocking the far right lane, three to the left will continue to get you by. No worries early along the George Washington Parkway. We now have a building delay in Maryland on the beltway, outer loop, as you roll past three 55 toward Georgetown road, may have a new crash. Two 70, getting slower in urbana, riding south toward one O 9, still looking good between the beltways on 95. The Baltimore Washington Parkway, a little volume south, at one 75, then coming out of green belt through the beltway interchange. Two 12 up near powder mill road are reported crash the wreck in buoy with south on three O one down near harbor way, saint Mary's county, dealing with the crash in California, north on three notch road, near route four. You will find our trouble spot in northwest, tree down, blocking beach drive between Porter and Harvard street, you'll be rerouted, little congested, north I two 95 exiting to go inbound on the 11th street bridge, a little more volume south on D.C. two 95 as you head down towards east

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