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Soon as it starts to boil dropped down to the barra simmer lid on it eighteen minutes had on the dot will take the pan off the heat uncovered do not uncovered any point never if you uncover a stir either already ruined you might as are the order give it a live hegg's keep it to them pigs i like i'm like i'm really enjoy this idea of my apartment in their life where do in the can camera during a tropical drinks their pigs woollen slippers for everyone blitzer you'll get will in flippers and you'll get will and slippers so eighteen minutes uh pull it off yeah take the lid off is this what the perfect putt of race rasping it is it is your words eighteen men eighteen minutes said so funny eighteen minutes worked overtime eighteen minutes then wrapped the lid in lean kitchen towel and then put the lid back on and you're not fluffing not doing anything like that ramp the towel around the lid put it back on off the heat yeah wait ten more minutes that is and that is a pure purely humidity absorbing method right so you've gone from this place where there is like a lot esteem in moisture in it and now you're trying to absorb some of that excess want your hermetic you're still hermetically sealed in there they're still steaming going on but but that those droplets are not going back in to the rail snow they're going ran that tell and then you know it's like 10 minutes is went all start you know you could but it's just going to stay warm and nothing weird is going to happen so it's like sometimes it'll zipper 20minute yeah zip for thirty minutes wherever and then take that let often fluff up this perfect it's it's got that perfect kind of like in between sticky fluffy where it's like you can eat it with chopstick rate but it's not like it's not a mush there you've got individual grains yesterday together and so that's where rachel yang described as chopstick ready race which was like enough where it was you can still grab it with end of chopsticks than asanka not just be right individual grands just go and falling heather in nadler him that there but it's also not so gloomily that like you said it it.

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