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In the wake of the shooting at santa fe high in texas the former secretary of education arne duncan under obama is calling for a national boycott of schools until commonsense gun control legislation is passed are you serious about this stop sending your kids to school katie we have to just take radically different than we ever have as adults were failing to keep our kids safe we have to create a level of tension honestly don't help us breakthrough politically what's happening it's just it's heartbreaking unacceptable we have to do better so if that's what it takes we have to we have to consider we have to consider everything the status quo continue to be complacent for me is what's beyond unacceptable my goodness where do i start headline northeastern this is the university where allen fox works where guy probably done more research on mass shootings are probably any other researcher headline goals are safer than they were in the nineteen ninety s in school shootings are not more common than they used to be researchers say february twenty six twenty eighteen washington post april fourteen twenty fifteen there's never been a safer time to be a kid in america center on juvenile and criminal justice schools are still safest place for kids la times left wing columnists may michael hill who agree to come on the show a couple of times to have debates and i appreciate that headline don't be misled by the publicity on school shootings for kids schools actually are the safest refuge refuges from gun violence march sixteen twenty eighteen yes it was before the two recent school shootings but the stats are probably not altered that much coat research on gun violence in the country is scanty here than it should be but available stats consistently show that for those ages five eighteen schools rank vanishingly low in terms of risk of school shootings from twenty five to twenty ten according to figures compiled by dewey cornell of university of virginia and colleagues there were.

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