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Knocking on the right show where the mdc hello producer rob kendall also here there's some stuff going on with the curtiss hill story and we're going to need to talk about it last time we talked about it when it became a thing right when it became a news story yeah i mean we heard that there were these allegations from these four different women that he was drunk in a bar and groped and we also heard from the state leadership that they had already done a thorough investigation and that and that it was sort of resolved i guess to everyone's satisfaction except except his yeah and you know criminal charges that we knew of at the time were being threatened or that was not a thing he the allegations were that he was just kind of hansie yeah that he was pretty hand maybe a little inappropriate yeah and he denied all of it right like he denied absolutely everything and so that was the last we heard will now the statements that long and bosma are releasing are saying we are calling for his immediate resignation okay and now even governor holcomb has released a statement saying i concur with senator long and speaker bosma then attorney general hill should resign all right so what do you think that means well to me because because part of the statement from the leader said curtis hill is not our employees if he was he would have already been fired but because we cannot terminate his employment we ask instead for him to own up to his actions apologized publicly to the victims and tender his resignation immediately when eric released his statement air kulgam release his statement he said the findings of a recent legislative report about the allegations are quote disturbing and at a minimum show a violation of the states zero tolerance sexual harassment policy okay so to me i kind of feel like this something else has been uncovered that that that means that they all now believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the women are telling the truth and that they're right okay so that that could be one that's that's a possibility or maybe we just have higher standards on our side of the aisle that is also a possibility we just we don't we would just go so there's zero tolerance here by now and that we just have higher standards right i mean you know because then we have always talked about the fact that it's it's a very scary thing to just sort of be like oh four women said so okay well then by you don't get extremely scary yeah i don't like that i don't like it either but doesn't mean that it's not happening and it doesn't mean it's not happening but it also doesn't mean there isn't something that we just don't know right there there's information that perhaps we're just simply not privy to i don't know i don't know what's causing all of a sudden everybody to be like he needs to just we don't know that if we don't know if there's something we don't know yeah and we don't know if there's maybe like political reasoning behind this we don't know what do you think rob rob thanks all the thing rob thanks ron do you really want my opinion just be nice how can you can you just you can you just like assume some presumed goodwill here uhhuh well they all hate courtesy sell it and.

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