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And what if we three my advan hollywood gus quiver shows got the gossip joe what is going on data and tanner from bachelor paradise finally revealed the name of their baby girl they announced last week when she was born what we did nor name they announced this weekend and it's emerson avery and they're going to call her emmy for short and then also carly an oven who found love on bachelor paradise they reveal this weekend that they are expecting a girl so that i have and matt leblanc is probably best known for playing joey on friends and he just admitted to usa today he turned down the role of filled done fee on modern family back in two thousand nine he was offered the role that matt said i remember thinking i'm not the guy for this i know what i can do i know what i can't do plus than having too much fun laying on the couch tied rose absolutely perfect in that right now i can't imagine there being anyone else let's evenings like a million dollars per episode jill your hot hollywood gossip because we're about two hours and thirty minutes away from the eclipse starting in we'd get overcast skies even if you're dumping donner will tear loud and fog out there what are we doing guys everybody go outside just go okay were you are even at slicker karma type thing or just you know you do it in spirit account reintroduce blow these clouds out of your one two three enough to work it just might just buying gotta give his clothes out of your for our clips battle of a sex worker battled a sexist call now because one of play.

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