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Listening in on the July phone call with the president in Ukraine they want to learn more about the vice president's September first meeting as well with president Vladimir Zelinsky former vice president Joe Biden says people ought to be asking questions about the president not about him or his son Joe Biden went on the attack responding to president trump's accusations about Biden and his son and possible illegal activity in Ukraine there is no evidence not a scintilla not warm little tiny piece five made the comments of the union gathering here in Los Angeles he then went directly after the president wonder what this guy's going to do have you ever seen a rhetorical question president ever show on here. as the sky lightens says he is ready to beat Mr trump on the merits Steve Futterman CBS news Los Angeles but by the way said to appear next week in New Hampshire the former vice president will hold a town hall event in Rochester and another in Manchester next Wednesday house Democrats say they've subpoenaed the White House for documents related to the impeachment inquiry and they're demanding those documents by October eighteenth the president meanwhile says it is his duty to work with foreign leaders to investigate corruption and his recent requests are not about hurting his political opponents president trump continues to insist his calls for foreign governments to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son are not about the campaign we are looking at corrupt we're not looking that up politics the president has called on Ukraine and China to investigate the bite is but he's provided no evidence of any wrong doing Mister Drummond says he has an obligation to make these demands but Democrats say this is an abuse of his power Karen Travers ABC news the White House is just into the WBZ news. Bernie Sanders is now out of the hospital the presidential candidates spent two and a half days at a Vegas hospital after suffering from chest pains that stands sport and we now know that he did have a heart attack Sanders tweeted that he feels great and is looking forward to getting back to work is campaigner already said that by about Sanders was expected to take part in October fifteenths debate the US Supreme Court having an abortion rights case to which stock at the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to a Louisiana law that requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals critics said the requirement is costly and could drive the state's three licensed abortion providers out of business supporters have said the state has the right to impose regulations meant to ensure safety this is the first abortion case for the court's new majority of justices appointed by Republican presidents including president trump's nominees Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh as ABC's Erin to Turkey the owner of a hospital in Lewiston Maine apologizes for a wall of shame with confidential records of patients with disabilities St Mary's regional Medical Center is owned by coveted health of Massachusetts the president Stephen Jorgensen tells the Bangor Daily News they deeply regret that the situation of courage in Human Rights Commission found that wall had contributed to a hostile work environment six thirty eight tried to get a check on business and Wall Street is re racked up another trading week Traci jockey is at Bloomberg PayPal is dropping out of a Facebook effort to develop a digital currency it was one of twenty eight companies backing the libra projects PayPal says it will focus on advancing its own business priorities wall street's priority is a federal reserve rate cut chairman Jay Powell didn't say anything about that today but he did say it's the fed's job to keep the unemployment rate at its fifty year low as long as possible stock market ran with that the Dow up three hundred seventy three points the nasdaq up a hundred ten SNP up forty one I'm Tracy junkie Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio there's nothing like meeting face to face and there's nothing. zoom to make that happen zoom let you connected do.

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