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I'm good you. Yeah. I'm wondering what you're doing here. Do you want to be in Cleveland with your man LeBron and be front running over what's left of the Cavs? Yeah. She couldn't get out of what leaves early, gene. This could be miss quadruple dub tonight. We on it doing, gene. Great. You look. Nice Tom for leather skirt. I gotta lot home team only ever. Thank you. Leave your skill a bit early for that. And I'm not going. Not today because we have too much to get to like Shannon's guy. Lebron is he really going to dominate tonight. When he heads back to Cleveland will discuss that. Plus skip is he gonna keep leading the Michigan van wagon a lot to get to dog is also live in student later on him about improve your stash. Start grotesque to be we only have a policy here. We don't even need to do that. All right. Don't get any ideas. We're going to start in the NFL the Rams and chiefs showed why they're two of the best offenses in the league when they combined for one hundred five points on Monday, Jerry Jones was asked yesterday if his Cowboys could compete against these high powered offenses, and he said they could Jones said his team would play a different style of game which would rely on their defense because he doesn't see them, quote, airing it out like that, Shannon. Is there any truth to this? I believe the teams that Jerry mentioned our step above the Cowboys. And Jerry says they play a style different. That's only style you knew how to play you can't play style. Like the Rams because you don't have the quarterback. You don't have the offensive weaponry that these two teams have and just because you say you want to keep the jersey jam said he wants to keep the game low scoring skip. What they do what the Rams and the chiefs do and the saints. They and he didn't mentioned the saints. But I'm gonna throw the saints in there is that they put so much because they're often in Michigan. He's got to deal with them. And. Tomorrow, whether he mentioned them or not. But here's the things give what these teams do is that they put so much pressure on your offense to match them scoring that you take risk that you're not comfortable taking or you do things that's outside of what you would normally do not and. Skip to slow at football team down like Kansas City in the Rams. What do you have to do you need to be good on third downs to keep the ball? Stay on the field. Keep their offenses off the field. But you also have to be really good on third down defensively to get them up to feel the Cowboys on offense. Twenty third at third down conversions on the flipside hard to imagine. It's hard for me to believe that the Cowboys are twenty nine in getting teams off the field on third down. But they're second in scoring. Also officially what do you need to do skill? I believe in order to beat these two teams. You gotta get to what what's the magic number. I believe you gotta get at least twenty eight points. The Cowboys only one time this year. Go at twenty eight or more points..

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