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Hour after CBS News, the latest on Pasadena police accused of violating a man's civil rights when he was shot and killed. Right now. It's 12 55. It's traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives, this report brought to you by caliber garage doors. And here's Tom Tran. We still have some slowing east and westbound on. The 91 had been telling about delays because of accidents and road work. The eastbound 91 slows back near were candid over towards Green River Road clears up after that going east or the West, outside slows from Tyler. Over towards McKinley, where they've been doing some road work You can use, however Magnolia Avenue going westbound to get around some of that slowing. Let's check in with Brian Douglas. He's taken a look at that earlier, crashing the 57 actually now two crashes here, according to CHP, North Bound Side Arrow Highway. We had somebody actually go out the side of the freeway. Multicar crash. We had a crash behind that as well. So everything is gonna be over to the right and the right lane block. Looks like they're a highway exit from your North 57 might still be shut down. So you've got delays. As you come up over the hill, West Covina Boulevard would be if you want to use that as an ultimate make your way on surface streets over the lone hill. And that'll put you right back up on that to 10, if that is your destination. Look the one on one R Ventura Freeway. Scott's Got the Southern California Toda Dealers Want one jam camp? Well, it is a bit sluggish. If you're trying to get out of Sherman Oaks right now, one of what he's found slow right about Woodman. That's going to continue a heavy over toward the 1 30 for Hollywood Freeway and a chance to have a little westbound slowing approaching Van Nuys Boulevard. But overall pretty good shape as you head out to the four or five heads up, though 11 West it Topanga reports of a attire and a wheel blocking the right lane there, So just be careful. Caliber garage doors, your number one choice for new garage doors right now. $200 office Lois for 99 installed, including free bottom seals and haul away caliber garage doors will beat any advertised price. Hundreds of shoes from a caliber garage doors dot com. Caliber garage doors dot com. Next reports 105. More traffic reports more often. Tom Fran K. Next 10 70 NewsRadio Heat Advisory, in effect for the valleys through the rest of the day today and in the end of empire as well. Otherwise sunny and nice temperatures of the beaches around 70 right now in clear about its 93 degrees, and then I say it's up to 96.

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