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Loretta great to meet you. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for having me on your show. Fortunately or unfortunately this is the perfect moment to have you on <hes>. I wish it was a calmer moment in history but given that it's not i'm glad that <hes>. Have the chance to talk to you. When i woke up on wednesday morning after the election. I was you for 'cause. I knew that we had turned georgia blue. And in five hours later i was <unk>. Because we have so much further to go to bring our country back from the brink of self destruction and so royal emotions right now because i fear for our democracy even though i call myself the queen of the call in culture. There's some people. I don't want to call it at all. I'm gonna call him out because they enabled this insurrection. Seems to be that. If they can't control it they don't wanna share a democracy. You said before that you have the the the moniker of the queen of the call in culture. Do you have any hope that there are some constructive calling in that can be done at this time in a country where we are really at each other's throats all at each other's throat if you don't mind out indulging me tell you how i see the world i think that first of all i live in ninety percent bubble of people who are progressive sometimes even call us radical which i don't mind i consider that a compliment but the people that i most in conversation with. We understand that. There's things like racism. Sexism homophobia transphobia immigration violence. At all of that stuff going in the world we even have our own little lexicon of all the 'isms that we talk about and part of my problem is that we in the ninety percent bubble. Spend too much time trying to turn ourselves into one hundred percent. i like. we're supposed to perfectly align with every thought as if i work on women's rights that means i'm doing something wrong because i'm not working on trance. Right if are working on trance rights. Doing something wrong. If i'm not working on racial justice on and on and on that's why i call us a circular firing squad because we're all on the same team but we spend our best anger on each other for not being cult members. We're all supposed to be. Apparently one hundred percent aligned. Outside of us are what. I call the seventy five percenters. These are people. Who don't use our insider jargon of homophobia all of these other words but they're lined with us in a world view. So since i'm a women's rights activists a seventy five percent for me would be somebody like the girl scouts where they may not be organizing the girl scouts to market a protests. Like i would. But at the same time they worked for women's and girls empowerment so they will be my ally even if they are repelled by jargon. So i'm gonna to find a way to talk to them in a register the fake it here versus the register that i used for the ninety percenters. Outside of the seventy five percenters are the middle of the roaders. Did a fifty percent of those people like my parents. My father was a lifer in the military in the army very conservative retired. After twenty six years my mother was a southern evangelical christian woman and there probably wasn't a whole lot of common language evacuate us from ninety percent bubble on my parents but at the same time. They taught me their values. And i'll tell you a conversation that my mom had. I had one day back in the fifties. My mother has started a black girl. Scout troops in san antonio was because black girls want allow to join the white girl scouts troops and every weekend we had to cook food and feed it to the homeless people in san antonio and so mom could never figure out hat what is social justice. Human rights activists did and finally. I put it to us and mom deliver when we had to feed the homeless people when i was a girl scout and she of course she she said yes. I said well as human rights activists. I asked why they're hungry in the first place and she got it because she said oh okay i feed them and you wanna know why they're hungry and so you can use that kind of values driven language to talk to fifty percents if you stay away from your jargon and your assumptions that they don't have values that you can agree with

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