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For some of the songs that you make How do you come up with the concepts are are you writing by yourself or do you have a team that writes with you for your vision is your process. It's funny there's different phases. So the first phase of everything that you experiencing thus far has been a lot of the pen as myself to be honest with you. I'd say ninety eight percent of the work that you're hearing from the catalog bit exists in terms of lyrical. Content is myself and it's not a small catch. They must be about one hundred and something two hundred songs that have penned already That are out to released. And then forget the other like three hundred something plus that are out there but not really released well so now the stage that i'm in is on trying to work on a number one record for hit radio Pop radio let's say so. I've got a few different rights is collaborating within water. Put this material together to make. Sure that it fits. The singer songwriter scope It doesn't mean inventions like venturing away. From what i enjoy making is just a different element that i get to finally devil it because at the end of the day is audience. We actually make music in order for us to survive. So why am i making music. If i'm not trying to be a multi platinum selling artists right. i don't wanna go platinum. Then where my where. My line to buy meagerly. I don't really care whatever is like. Who am i lines so pretty much the next phase that we working on I i come up with all the concepts myself. I stopped him off. And then i'll bring in Different writers with different produces to help me develop those concepts. All the concepts of from life in the best writers in the world just lived really amazing lives in terms of experience. It sounds personal. Sound really happy that you said you wrote them. Because i was listening to this real personal but like in a good way like you seem very connected to the Singing and we should be able to vote on. One of these songs goes on radio like i think was my one of my favorite ones. I think was I think bamboo was one of my favorite ones. That got cool. I really like this on the flood. Be funny that's like one of the mix tape kind of demos. A lot of people are hearing demos in my head. You know. I just signed a new management deal In love with london management company called gawky music. And the guy that signed me was like your your stuff is done and like that's just the first part that's like the mix tape segment and these like what you mean. We know that sounds like what upbringing next. That's that's the stuff is okay cool but this stuff is is goodness like yeah. That's that's the problem. It's not great lead. Read a move. Let's i mean as an artist in your creative. You may think it's not like where you need to be. Sometimes other people are gonna think. That's freaking the maze. That's where it is which is like man like you talked about the dental statement. How many tracks to listen to our maiden studios that you look at them. You're like oh okay that that came from that because they understand the concept is divide. It's nothing to do with the science behind it. It's about does he does the feeling. Come through the feeling comfortable detract stunt. Does you see yourself in the song and you can like you know what i could really be in the club vitamin to this. I could meet a person in via with them in light. Leave with a whole new friend. You know stuff like that so very sixteen. I guess i'll share with you guys. Which is which is right now. That's that's a. That's a good thing. So i want to jump into the side of it where you know. It's obstacles that you're facing. We're trying to promote your music. I mean it's a matter artists. That are out here. So i'm trying to find out what's something that you thought. That was gonna be hard in promoting the but ended up being easier than you promotion of the music. I guess in doing so much content. I was fearful that i wouldn't be able to get all the tracks out there and get people to the music you know like i thought like okay. They might vibe a one song. But there's no waiting to check out the rest of this stuff and that was kind of like a misconception. Because what happens with people is if they hear something that really resonates with them then they wanna look for more. So that's kind of. I guess the the thing that got me like oh so it actually does work mike. You put out content as much content as you want and eventually it will get to the ears that he needs to get to go down the rabbit hole myself. I get what we assume. Because i understand you saying that we're gonna take because there's so much out there and try and i mean i guess you could say you presented to people you hope for the best. You know the work that you put in and you hope that the work that you put in comes out in that people enjoy that so that's a good way of looking at it so in terms of taking that and talking about then support is. Where does your support come from that aspect. I'm not talking about fancy people will listen to the music but a team like your family friends. Who was like the person who wins. Wrongs haven't won them days. Where you're not really feeling yourself. You've kicked by. Hey man you got to remember who you are. Let's go what are you doing. Let's go something that resonates took me twenty four years to get my father to say he was proud of me and he understood division that i had for myself and from there onwards whenever i've kind of got to the point where i'm like i'm done. He's like yo you started something. Finish it bro. And i'm like what like for him to say that it always resonates with me. I mean i've got a few other friends here. And there like a convention pool. Crews from zambia whose is an engineer producer as done some amazing stuff. He's made some of neil's vocals with diamond platinum. Like he's done some amazing stuff and he will hit me up randomly. And just be like bro. Remember you you're the guy and i'm not giving you the guy. The guy kourtney hails from london based in manchester england is one of the biggest authors out there and he also hits me up occasionally we are just get a voice abe rough. What's happening you know today even to make it happen because you always have made it happened so got like one two. Maybe people that have always had my back and said things when i needed to year. The most I don't really share much with people. it's in the music so you could tell like when i'm down like you can hear it in. The music is no way this tracks like broken inside in You know even things like so exchange with people that would listen to the songs all. That's quite dark but it's like. Yeah dr points in my life just so i use the music as much as i can as a diary to reflect my life and i don't i don't shy away from it. I don't think that while it's i understand. Everything's a chapter in. Also even when i'm feeling down on like what can i draw from this in order for me to still move forward towards my goals rather than looking at as in this is it. I'm done. it's like well. I've been there before and i know that there's something else coming. So there's just roll with the punches. I remind.

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