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Bit of a tough thought. Really but Whether to do the lead roll man that they do their the chicken number. just spaceship. dedom- whistles bacon than an just really great old fashioned french recipe or whether to do chicken with the slightly decades away putting truffles under the scheme. Which i which is a good one. That's a very good one. And that i think probably a town full friend. Jaffa french french. Good classic bridge with this sandri drink of choice. Well you see. It's a lotta time. Now i lost had wine annoy really but i think the last if it was the last asfaw safa benz goals. If it's time based on the wine that i always remember okay said this is what they did is that i did drink the best one i can ever the two great red ones. I been drinking nine hundred sixty one shattered palm absolutely wonderful and it should still be good and post now ridiculously expensive because winds become so expensive. A dive epa tasty was j. Remedy county was absolutely astounding. I'm vic- me so this story. After this was a and on the browns nowadays winds expensive cap was going to be around to ask. Just spend the money how much she thinks. Many counties knows to never. It's absolutely absurd. What's paid to these these fifteen grind. Judo you came for one joking. I bet you would be partial. I got no she google it. You'll put some of these thaw. If it's your last suffer you will do so. Yeah absolutely do you got good table manners. I think i'd probably do. I think i did teach decent table minutes. She sounds fun along with her coca though she all she was she was absolutely wonderful. She i remember flight with her to paris down two niece but she went round the whole airplane asking people to write down as many rude words as they possibly think. Oh my god. All these astonished french people in a sort of making news. This woman and i mean she was on t. By and she came up with words that she made sound rude. Never would all oven. I told her and she She had this sense of huma anyways and cheek. Don't be on knew about last question karaoke song. Which song are you're going to choose from your own musical from my own musicals. I guess it's got to be any dribble do ready. Because that's what do you like singing that one i do. It's a lovely wants to get everyone in the spirit. Yeah that's what he remembers. It's been such a treat to tap to you for this hour. Thank you so much for daily joy of.

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