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Okay. So you may known my guest today as the real life legit president of WCW. Maybe it was easy e uncle, Eric the king of controversy, the brains behind the end W O on and the screen onscreen Jim Raw bestselling author and podcast her. But to me dude, the man that literally changed the way I did radio over a decade ago. Eric Bischoff welcomed the first match I'm associated to be here and I know we tried to schedule this last week or the week before my schedule got a little crazy last week some very unexpected Travel came up from businesswise. So I had the juggle a bunch of things around. So I apologize for the delay and burr grateful for your patients. Hey, man it's all good. I'm just glad that you decided to come on the show. So let's just jump in the first match time machine. WE'RE GONNA go back to the very beginning you grown up in Detroit let's talk early life and where your love pro wrestling came from. Well I grew up. In, an area known as East Detroit. Or was known as East Detroit back. Then I think they've changed the name of it recently over the last decade or so whatever but a ten mile and Gresh it for anybody that's familiar with the Detroit area or east side of Detroit. is the kind of general area I grew up with a very. I would say the lower middle income kind of environment so much suburban, Detroit you know in the fifties and the sixties. It was all you know suburbs that were built very quickly, very inexpensively to to accommodate the tens of thousands of people that were coming in from all over the country to work in the automotive plants. So there was a lot of kind of blow blue-collar Llorente blue-collar kind of communities that I grew up in and actually for what it was. It was a great life as a kid but was anxious to get out and that's why I fell in love with wrestling Saturday mornings, men, and my little brother Mark would be home alone because mom and dad had go to work and mom had to go grocery shopping and we only had one car. So they left the two kids at home and we commanded control the television from about eight o'clock in the morning to the afternoon that my friend is when I felt a little bit professional wrestling. So who are you watching it that point? Who are the stars that are sticking out to you? As. Soon. As a while ago, right We're talking a little over half a century now. Why did you have to ask me that question like age? I have no choice but to reveal how freaking old. You're such a Dick. The first time I've been calling. I would say Bubble resil- was was big at the time Sheikh original originally was big at the time I. Remember Dick the bruiser and guys like that. Those were some of the names but man I was like you know seven eight nine years old at the time. So it wasn't until later on that I started really becoming fans of individual wrestlers when I was seven eight years old I was just I was just a fan of the spectacle I just love watching big guys beat the hell out of each other was better than seeing it in my. My grade school cafeteria. Yeah I just fell in love with that but it wasn't until later on that I started really recognizing stars. Okay. Well, you did A lot. So from growing up kind of digging wrestling as kid like a lot of us did you did a lot of things before you actually got involved in pro wrestling list of things here including. Acting in a training video for bank employees. You did you andro.

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