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On the next radio app on ninety three WIBC HD one Indianapolis. There will be a vote Brady, Fox News. The Senate majority leader moments ago digging in on supreme court nominee, Brad Kavanagh. Fox's Jared Halpern. Live on Capitol Hill. Cavanaugh will get an upper down vote on the Senate floor in the near future that promise from Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell after accusing Democrats of a last minute hit on the supreme court nominee, but even by the far left standards. This shameful shameful. Smear campaign has hit a new low cavenaugh in a letter to the Senate Judiciary committee also called sexual misconduct allegations, pure and simple smears and says he will not be intimidated to withdraw Christina Blasi four who says cavenaugh assaulted her at a party when they were in high school will testify on Thursday. A second woman is told the New Yorker Cavanaugh exposed himself to her in a party at Yale. Lisa. Thanks jared. The White House says President Trump had an extended conversation with deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein and Rosenstein request after the firestorm. Over a published report. Fox's John decker live at the White House. The president confirming that he will meet this Thursday with rod Rosenstein, following conflicting news reports that Rosenstein could soon be leaving his post. We'll be meeting at the White House will be to Germany. What's going on? Transparency. Have openness and I look forward to meeting with right? Plan meeting comes just days after the publication of a New York Times story in which it claimed that Rosenstein talk last year of wearing a wire to secretly record the president and invoking the twenty fifth amendment to declare the president unfit to remain in office Rosenstein has denied both allegations. Lisa John, Washington, intriguing trade, anxiety rattling Wall Street. The Dow down one hundred eighty one points at the closing bell, the S and P also lower, but the NASDAQ higher Fox News, fair and balanced. WIBC mobile news on the level on the go. This is why it's called the big dig cloudy in seventy degrees. Thunderstorms develop tonight, some storms tomorrow could be severe. I'm staying Lear. Here's what's trending at four zero to a two billion dollar. Indianapolis construction project is half way to the finish line. Eric Berman reports eight miles of tunnel from Southport to Meridian Kessler will eliminate in these chronic sewer overflows citizens energy CEO. Jeffrey Harrison says there are on pace to finish in twenty twenty four gain knee are about four hundred million dollars under budget point four million dollar projects were also today, maybe as much as a year ahead of schedule for I ten miles up to just south of soil stadium are up and running another four miles have been dug, but still need to have concrete liners on the near north side. Eric Ervin ninety three WIBC mobile new knowing someone who commit suicide can be rough and depressing for Chris Paulson. It's a motivation to keep anyone else. I'm doing it. Will you work with you to have succeeded in suicide, and it's a very unfortunate incident. And it happens all too often in Indiana. She is CEO of the Indiana Youth group they have programs for LGBTQ people to let them know lear- valued. She says having one adult in someone's life who tells a young person they matter can make the difference. Most of them came home Friday, but three members of Indiana's task force. One are still in Wilmington, North Carolina, logistics manager, Tom Neal says they're guiding the efforts of other search and rescue teams, and this is nothing. The Neil hasn't seen before heading that we saw from hurricane Matthew when the team was deployed in twenty sixteen some of those same areas are being affected now..

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