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The excerpt from the chapter essentially says i vader still got a mad on over those rebel spies i chryst on chorus gone idiots came at me with ion disrupters what they thought i wouldn't carry a weapon accelerator flash boom three tiny ash piles tried to collect and lord no disintegration refuse to pay without body is my words not good enough apparently recondite make up the lost by finding is droid than holding out for twice through award so that's like from obviously from bob with that's perspective he's like narrating this chapter of the short story i guess this was a thing between the two of them if he's a circus decree referring to baiter as lord no disentegration i guess that's something that he said to him multiple times over the years because the as hd mentioned the story takes place during the events of a new hope and the line in question could actually comes from empire strikes back so this happened a bunch of times of war did anyone really need a full explanation of why both those dessert disintegrating people i don't know but that's what we have now we definitely didn't need it but this is one of my favorite part of vote star wars vandam that the widow list things in the background of scenes characters wines spun you know these expands his world earth maybe i guess some people would say it because it's smart but uh you know with my favorite example is will roe hood who is this guy that appears for frames in empire strikes back running through best spin city with what look speed eighths maker and if you ever good a star wars convention they have this thing called the the running of the will rose i think it's called it a it's like dozens and doned dozens of people dressed like woro hood running with ice makers and um this is a character who.

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