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After over a year of covid restrictions, lockdowns mask mandates, But there's concern building now about the more contagious Delta variant. It's now in all 50 states in Washington, D. C. The National Archives celebrated the fourth of July with its first in person events since the start of the pandemic. And in San Francisco this weekend. People gathered from all around for a block party. It's great. I mean, after a whole year of following the rules are not going out, and now we're finally safe, Nice to see smiles again beneath the masks, but busy airports, big holiday crowds and close contact celebrations nationwide. Raising concern that pockets of unvaccinated Americans could put those gatherings at risk. Elise Preston, CBS NEWS New YORK, It is 8 50. We're still stuck on 62 degrees here in Boston with the cloud cover, but sun and clouds for the day, says Matt Ben's will be in the seventies. NBC News radio looks back as we turn 100 Believe easy to 13 In the early to mid 19 sixties, there was no bigger afternoon drive host than Jefferson Kaye on WBZ Radio. I'm Jefferson Kaye and, by afternoon show has climbed in ratings to the highest that the station has ever experienced and hosted a folk music show on Sunday night with his friend Dick Summer show that folk singer Tom Rush of Rockport appeared on when he was an up and coming artists. I did not know what 50,000 Watts meant These guys got fan mail from New Zealand. And Guam and Rush says, looking back on it. The WBZ radio appearance really was a life changer. If I ever had a big break playing on WBZ with Jefferson Kandic summer was it, but I was totally oblivious at the time, but I would have been terminally.

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