Steph, America, Steve Kerr discussed on First Take - Coming Home : 6/6/17


When he's in front when they're winning you heard max kellerman sit here yesterday and say steph has a bit of front running to be not and i'm telling you that's been tallied it's running out there there's a sentiment that these warriors embodied by staff are turning unlikeable they came from being the underdog upstart everyone cheered for them team to becoming america's villains and steffes antics are part of that it's dry monza motions it's it's honestly it's steve kerr's politics it's k dis decisions nazis our polish but that he talks about politics he's all things that divide us and that's what starting divide people on the warriors distorting to be i'll tell you this the country would rather see the cavs win this it would be better for the nba if the hazardous because the warriors are becoming the warriors are becoming the villain not only is going to happen but they've become the villain not because anything you say said is because they have four all stars and their two favorite like to create story lines in sports they handle themselves with respect with discipline and it's the championship game i wanna see emotion i wanna see enthusiasts you don't want to see somebody celebrating a sack when it down twenty one point now if i'm up twenty one then celebrated and that's what they're doing the last time i checked they thought cavaliers the first two games right issue about celebrating you down you know what i'm talking about what people talking about its death walking away from the three with his hand up one before it goes in you know why mrs you ready for this because he can this ain't nick young shoot away because he can serve carries the first player ever see get the ball eighty feet away it is three two one on the clock and we're all looking at thicky my goal in the first player in history to get so he can do that.

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