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We are going to Canada. Oh, fuck it. Yeah. How do we haven't even said it yet? And always wait. Till the end to do our speaking of the north. Yeah. Go into the Knowles ice. Yeah. That's good. One is we're going to. Yeah we come in north. That's it. That's all. I got. Yeah. So we're finally we're fucking we're going to Canada. We're finally doing it. People always say come to Canada come back to Canada. Sorry, I remember. I just brought up all that game of thrones shit. Yeah. What was the, the whole was crescendo the percent? Oh, was sorry. So I was thinking about how. Like Jon snow finds out this Amelia Clark's characters is sister, just think imagining he's disconnected like broS and shit watching this show, like in the middle of a super heated discussion. Some dude. Yeah. Says, like Johnston, I'm going to fuck it sister or what? Like if that was my half sister did, for sure I'm fucking that bitch straight up. You know, you know, they're all thinking about it, every do that, watch that show is like damn. That's crazy. I wonder if he's still going to smash you know, porn hubs, number one search after the season is going to be John phones, Don snow, incest. Stepsister takes me for a ride or whatever. Taking the narratives for a ride on my dragon and the dude just got the dragon dick dildo, strapped to his dick. The lowest budget game of thrones. Oh man. How many Cam girls are going to put on the denarius fucking pigtails and get the goddamn dragon dildo, just blasts themselves? Truecar is- us your car is. The so many dirt's watching them. Thrones fanatics. Yeah. So like, John fuck sister or what? Yes. So just like wait for the Lohman conversation. Yes. So Jon snow going to smash his sister. What's good? Are you were you guys not thinking about that at all cut the writing on the season is terrible? Yeah. You say you think he'd eat her pussy or like you finger pussy spits fire like a dragon dog because fire crashed yet, I'm saying because that's not I don't think that's technically incest, if you if you eat them out. So like. I mean, like Dodd, like I my, my mom remarried, and like I had an like not to be whatever like put, like I would look full, I was like it's not my sister. You know, you know what I'm saying, like pool parties were really awkward because I'm like, damn she's bad. But she's like, kinda my sister. You know. So I'm I feel him. You know. You're like me and him are on the same page right now. Oh, yeah. I got like, like we were both born from my mom like she fucked some other fool. So it's like half some other dude. And he was pretty hot like being like super hot because my mom's pretty hot, but like I didn't see my sister. So I was like seventeen yeah, it's like I basically met her for the first time when teen. And I gotta be honest dude. She's bad. So if I'm like Jon snow on the fuck in like ward, and of the fuck in Canada, or whatever, like I'm gonna smash for hitting dude. Is some bitch full? I wanna dragon be my full sister. I don't give a fuck. I'll meeting I fucking time full. You pull up on a dragon. I'm smashing. There's no two ways around this full. Johnson. Yes. So we're coming to Canada. We're coming to Canada come into the north where we rewards of the north load ins of the no come see as tiny tour dot com, we're gonna cowry to Edmonton, we're going to reduce to shows in Toronto Vancouver. We're gonna win a pig missio. Yeah. Why? Why? Why? No mosul. I don't know why no much. We all to play. Well, I know most most also was very hard. Luckily, we sound. Scribble. Saint Hubert chicken really good chicken spot. What is it? Saint hubayl. Yeah. It's super numbers, go to pairs just for that. No. It Montreal also mushroom. Anyways. I don't know why we're not going there. I actually really liked to go to Quebec City Montreal. But fucking something didn't work out. I guess you, but we're going to Canada chosing me really fun. And then we're gonna Fargo and demotions as well. So on there come CS Fargo.

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