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Todd poor, tune tweeting earlier today that he has completed his physical therapy, after a spinal injury suffered during a recent fall, and he is going home today. Poor tune wrote that he, thanks God for his doctors, nurses, aides, and therapists, who made today possible. Kroger is recalling. Frozen berries due to a possible hepatitis. A contamination, Kroger says FDA tested, a sample of the store's private selection, berries, and say that they tested positive for hepatitis, A products in question are the sixteen and forty eight ounce frozen. Triple berry medley local contractor, took the money, but did not do the work. The Ohio attorney general says that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from twenty four clients over the span of several months. Dave, yo says Thirty-three-year-old John Drennan a Cincinnati based home remodeler received over two hundred thousand dollars for work that he never even started nearly half of his victims were in Hamilton county. The rest were sprinkled throughout the Tri state, he's now been indicted, on dozens of felony charges, including theft and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Rick chino, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w threads lasted, the Phillies this afternoon, four to one final game of the series is tomorrow afternoon. Pre-game show star. At twelve oh, five right, here, Sir, Winston the winner of the Belmont, Stakes tonight, the trainer Marquette also won this year's Preakness with a different horse war of will our next updates coming up at ten thirty I met Reese, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl double. Let's get something cleared view may be competing to be the next account executive at iheartmedia. What this is not a TV.

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