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I don't think it should be but it's the rules and he news news the the rules and it might have derailed if not ended at least temporarily derailed zakho charleston south two thousand seventeen first round pick from michigan and he's been a bust. I don't know what nick considers. The <unk> bus three sexes rookie year one sack last year. You're going into your third here and you have all these opportunities on this defensive line thus far he's been above from the university due mission and we know that the cowboys right now are not bullish on him or else. They wouldn't have targeted robert quinn in the off season. They pay demarcus lawrence. I know you like to have a rotation of defensive lineman but you can only spend money in so many places obviously the cowboys new. The contracts were coming up. They still went out and prioritize robert quinn but the point you made about felt the impact this has on the maybe the best unit on their team certainly best you know and their defense the linebackers is the most important one when you they don't have you you talk about the patriots. They got two linebackers that five hundred pounds combined jamie collins dante hightower. Those guys have a certain job. The cowboys linebackers are smaller and faster their job is to get out and space and go make tackles that means the defensive tackles in that offensive. Lineman's job to a degree is to just keep those opens of lyman. You don't see defensive lineman called for holding but it's almost what you want them to do. Absent hold opposing the offensive line in check not necessarily try to go up field and let the linebackers go make plays well of all of a sudden. It's antoine woods taco charlton endurance armstrong as your defensive line along with christian coming to new actually being a pretty decent player could back up in this league then sean lee forget him vandross jalen smith your best linebackers or less effective skies that you are relying lying on and i know byron jones was excellent last year but the biggest question mark under defense is supposed to be their secondary not their defensive line where they've actually spent money first round picks and resources says but that's what the question mark is now at least for the beginning of the season and how much does that affect dak prescott and the offense affects them because it makes them press. They can't be patient..

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