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Twenty one seven Michigan with the lead. A high short cat coming up to nine yard line of field of this Thomas Princeton across the twenty. Down at the twenty seventy online tie shot clock is in on the tackle. So Michigan with two hundred forty six yards. Total offense to the first half. Rutgers with one thirty five eighty of which came on one play the checkout. Touchdown run. So let's see if the Rutgers defense can't get off the field Tana possession twenty twenty seven. In favor of Michigan to just nine thirty three for Rutgers scarlet knights. Only three first downs tonight. Shape Patterson with behind pistol. Eligible. John. Stop again one. The twenty eight yard line. Guys are bad on on first down when it comes to stop. This is the second and third down if they can convert some of those smaller plays Sega. First down. Twins right now. Motioning to rent Harry. Shotgun was right. Patterson? Lops it down the right side for equals Jones incomplete at the forty eight yard line of rutger's Isaiah Warton coverage. And this is exactly what I want to be now thirty nine his perfect set for them. Now. Find a way to get pressure on Patterson and push them off his spot. Desma be the key component. But not only that you got to keep them contained inside the pocket for the main reason of if he breaks contain then all bets are off these co defensive backs and quarterbacks they don't know where the the quarterback is when they're covering like, that's gotta keep it. The pocket. Third down and nine from the Michigan twenty seven. Here's Patterson propaganda thrill pressure now coming Hennessy throws out near midfield flag. Scown reception is made by the tight end. Nick Eubanks flag at about the thirty five yard line. What's the call there? That'd be off as a pet center ferrets, baby. Kamal officials discussing things. Wow. Holding defense number nine. That penalty has declined the play results in a first down twenty two yard gain on the reception by Zack gentry. Well, they did bring a fresh, right? Derek only problem. They didn't get to time. You know, when you have a quarterback holding the ball for more than four seconds. Chris. I'm going to take a bet right here on say his caprice percent is going to be the Heidi seventy percent time. Shotgun heck into his right hand off back, right? Hey into Rutgers territory to the forty six yard line and a gain of five before took him to the ground by the legs Twenty-one seven Michigan with the lead here early in the third quarter. Now six hundred nine on third outs tonight. That is way way way to six hundred nine the percentage wise, desperate terrible. Second down five pairs Patterson delayed hand off for trying to get outside. Right. Tripped up. Great play made by Isaiah Warton for Rutgers. And that's a loss of a couple. That's a big play right there. From the senior has a cornerback position. There have been alive and coming at them. But able to set that edge. I say a work six tackles, including that one for locks again. Rutgers has Michigan and the third law. I think Chris. Off to fit on third downs. Gotta come up with a stop third down and seven. Moshe for Meco Collins Patterson rolls left. Rolling down the sideline and people. Don't discount it inside the twenty yard line. Hampton was there on the coverage. Perp throw from Patterson? I down Michigan's thirty two yard. This is not easy throw either quarterback rolling to your left side. Christopher saquon blanket coverage is this that shape? Patterson put that Bovis back shoulder where he had to make a play. But in the end, it was a great fro. Triple Jones is fourth. Catch of the day. Fifty seven yards Michigan in the red zone at the sixteen head down to the left of Patterson now. Front here for Rutgers Texas hands it off Hentgen stretch play right? No, sir. Runs in take Roberts back to the line of skirmish. And that's it. Scarletknights and make an emphasis to stop the run here in the second half. Just gotta find a way to make some plays on the passing game. Hi, fishing, and got athletes over that. Second ten three and a half goal by third quarter. Twenty one seven Michigan at the Rutgers sixteen play action. He's got all data throat his Patterson downhill run out to the right still time. Patterson now being chased down paroles for the end zone. Caught. Touchdown catch by Oliver Martin the near side of the end zone. Shape. Patterson making Gosling plays on that drive and just extends the Michigan lead to twenty seven to seven. Rutgers unable to get any pressure right now on Michigan. Two men route as you just as you just mentioned two guys out there. No pressure at all for the scarlet knights. Doing everything they can to cover for as long as they can. Just an improvised play point after is up and good Chris via the ball eight seconds of quarterbacks shape Patterson before three touchdown passes. Cannot have that. Wow. Twenty eight seven Michigan with the lead. We'll take a ton out eleven twelve left here in the third quarter. You're listening to Rutgers football. At Saint Barnabas medical center in Livingston, New Jersey are living donor kidney transplant program is number one in the nation, which might not mean a lot until you hear the words you need a kidney transplant, and we hope you never do. Those words used to mean, dialysis you spent on a transplant.

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