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From npr in wbz. Im tanya moseley. I'm scott tong. It's here now. California governor gavin newsom won a decisive victory yesterday against a recall effort. Here's his speech. Last night. humble and grateful to the millions and millions of californians that exercise their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly by rejecting so much of the negativities. That's defined our politics in this country over the course of so many years newsome's main opponent conservative talk. Show host larry elder conceded defeat. Even though elder made baseless claims of voter fraud during the campaign for more we have scott shafer senior political editor at member station k. q. We got hey scott how are you. You're watching the votes poor in last night. The earlier poll suggested it might be really close potential dead heat and then knew someone hindley what happened well. A lot of people voted early. Scott in california. Everybody got a ballot About a month ago twenty. Two million ballots went out and we know that eight million or more voted by monday so election officials were able to process those ballots. Which they're not allowed to do some state some states. You can't even open the envelope until election day. So things got processed quickly and newsome suddenly eight twenty to twenty minutes after the polls close was out to a mo- more than two million vote margin. Lead you know. The recall was being decisively defeated and so it just really was clear. The democrats got out and voted and not enough republicans. Did now are still being tallied as we speak. I mean could this margin narrow could orca. bigger You know all the ballots that came in By mail or provisional ballots on tuesday. Those are going to start being counted today so and and as long as they were postmarked by yesterday. All those ballots will be counted all right. Now gavin newsom at a late hour in this campaign brought in a pretty big name joe biden to help him campaign was his team nervous. I don't think so. In some ways. The biden event was a victory lap. I mean it was very clear by then. Every poll showed the recall being handily defeated and so it was kind of a cherry on top. I don't think joe biden okay. Changed anybody's mind all right. Let's talk briefly about larryelder. The conservative leader in the polling. He's of course. A red candidate in a blue state poses abortion the minimum wage. The climate skeptic. What does this event tell us about him and his wing of the party. Well you know. He's overwhelmingly popular with republicans. Unfortunately there's only about twenty four percent of the electorate are republican so being popular with the base is not enough to win a state election in california. But larry elder likes the spotlight. Apparently and he says he. You know implies that he's running next year. Twenty twenty two when newsom is up for reelection so i don't think we've seen the end of them. Okay so outside of california. Is this a test case for anything. National politically we know larry elder is connected to stephen miller the immigration restriction est from the trump administration. Does this resonate outside of california. Yeah i think what one this for. Newsome was his handling of the pandemic. you know the mask. Mandates the vaccine distribution we have a high vaccine rate and a low infection rate one of the lowest in the country. And you he was running. Against larry elder and other republicans who promise that they would undo those mandates if they got elected and i think california voters overwhelmingly agreed with the governor in terms of his policies on on the pandemic and i think last night was a real endorsement of those policies. And a repudiation of going in the other direction all right and finally scott what is next for gavin newsom. He's got another year or so. He took a big hit for going mask list. Got a very fancy restaurant in california. I mean does he has patching up to do. What's on his list. You know. I think when you win by the kind of margin did yesterday by beating back This recall there's nothing to make up for the election's over the california's still has some very serious problems. We talked about the pandemic. Homelessness is a huge problem. The governor knows that the california legislature and the governor of invested billions of dollars. They've got a really start showing some results because people really are frustrated and they've had it with homelessness and obviously it's a human disaster as well for those who are on the streets. I think that's really what newsom legislature in addition to the pandemic will be focusing on now that this recall is over. One thing that may happen is some legislators democrats today are going to be releasing plans to reform the recall process and i think that there may be some appetite for that not just in the legislature but among voters i think a lot of people saw this as a tremendous waste of money three hundred million dollars and a luxury that the state can't afford not just financially but also as a distraction from so many serious problems that now have to be addressed all right scott shafer senior editor for politics and government desk. Thanks for taking the time. You're welcome major developments this week in the investigation of the assassination of haiti's former president giovanelli maurice the current prime minister. Reo enrique has fired the lead prosecutor in the case the prosecutor been ford. Claude had been seeking charges against honoree in connection with the july. killing of. moe's. Jacqueline charles has been covering these turn of events and joins us now to explain. She covers haiti for the miami herald. Jacqueline welcome back. Thanks for having me. These are stunning developments. Phone records appear to tie. Reo on read the current prime minister to the top suspect in the assassination of moe's can you tell us more about the prosecutor's allegations well. The prosecutor is alleging that there were two phone calls on the morning of july seventh between this key suspect and Ariella the current prime minister. But i have to tell you. The chief prosecutor has had in his hands for several weeks. Now and in those records. It doesn't say now the prosecutors claiming that there was seven minutes total in terms of the exchange between And this key suspect josephine jill but we are not provided with any details in terms of what they spoke about. Let me just say that. This key suspect by joe is not somebody who is unknown. He's had conversations with a number of people political actors so it would not be uncommon that he has had conversations with other individuals but we really do not know and the chief prosecutor who did this after he had been fired by. The prime minister did not provide any additional details on terms of why he thinks that the prime minister needed to be charged outside of two calls. Did he saw call log okay. This is why prime minister honoree says this indictment has no legal basis Does he have the authority though to to essentially step into a working investigation like this i spoke to a former investigative judge yesterday about this and he told me no that under the law in haiti their separation of functions and once an investigation like this has been transferred to an investigative judge which is the equivalent of a grand jury. A chief prosecutor cannot then pursue his own investigation or demand than immigration bar. A prime minister from traveling You know there are procedures that he needs to take and he is completely out of his jurisdiction even if he had not been fired to do what he did..

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