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Yannis last year they're building that wall and the spreading out those arms and it yeah it's going to be a blast to see how they do that against Jayson Tatum Kemba Walker and Jalen Brown on the perimeter especially because the celtics don't necessarily have a an inside type score. So yeah, can't wait for that. They have the best defense in the playoffs other than the Lakers, who have how the blazers down the worries I guess maybe see Adam is broken out. On offense but are they too good too early as that a Geraldo I mean they've been down for two months they've been in. Florida. The longest of any NBA team. Have obviously been steamroll in from game. One of the bubble scenario I. that's the only worry is that sometimes you can't play great basketball for months on end because yeah, as we said the. Their playoff series might not suffer weekend on the conference miles. Long frigging time. But those are good worries to have. Yeah and like the Celtics did in game three years the sixers they can play games. The wraps have proven and still win the game because the is that talented. They've been there before the playoff experience. Hey, let's just put together a little run here in the final two minutes we can. We can still this rap stood it in one of these games against the nets even so yeah. to He's still on fire. Twenty two, point six, ten from three point Ranji at the half quarter there in games three, he said seventeen threes in this series van, he's turned into Ray Allen. It's you love to see if you're a wraps fan which I obviously I'm there with the half good shirt anything to add their trae Orly. I watched this game and I don't remember anything that happened except for broadband bleed making that half court of this thing is over this one's a sweep you know the nets have done the best they can they've played hard, but it's just not going to happen. I mean, the nets, it's made a good test though actually for the reps they've had to work hard, which is great for them going forward but they too good in the netzer depleted Niger Harris's goals that help that sucks for them. But this is fine for the requisitions. All they need is just keep playing hot I WANNA do that when they ffices celtics they battle-tested. A team like the wraps right now, task to speak to you know you're worry about them playing too good too early is. They sure hope they probably can start that Celtics series right away. Right and they don't have to take a week off because the way they're playing. For the most part they're pretty locked in. So so we will see I. Mean I had the the nets winning one game I sure as hell don't see it now I think I think this ends on Sunday. Unless John Again, he said like are only he basically said only chance to beat this team is we gotta shoot like fifty five threes and hit like. Twenty five, thousand, five, Yeah Yeah. and. So they gave her the going game three and. Obviously didn't hit enough and they're just going to try again I think in game four well, it's bomb away from outside the nick nurses. So diabolical, he'll probably like, hey, let's totally switch up our defensive game plan. Let's take away all the threes now. That'll be like damn it. Now, we gotta go through Jared Allen Okay. Here we go. Get Him forty. They've been they've been a good story, the Brooklyn a good story coming down to the Orlando stealing that seven spot from the Orlando. Magic. Plan their butts off having one of the Games of the bubble so far playing against the Portland Trailblazers Blazers and having a lot of young guys really step up and gain this experience. It's a positive I. Don't know why feel bad about saying this was going to be a sweet back in January and February when these things were lining up but I just feel bad. So I had to throw in that little bone there. Now I don I didn't have to, but I honestly do think. We all know it was a great great little story for for the Brooklyn, and thanks for giving us that game against Damian Lillard that was I was a fantastic. We'll see if shocked Vaughn has done enough to warrant keeping the job. Guess. Got To ask Katie about that but we'll find. A little bit news that Collins he's going to require season ending ankle surgery. Now, the Blazers said earlier in the week that call was diagnosed with a stress reaction injury to his left ankle, he would be reevaluated. Well, he's been reevaluated. News is not good like I said season ending. Ankle Surgery. Maybe, not a surprise. I don't think not the colons was playing all that. In the bubble down there before the injury but. Anything to add to this guys I mean already. You know pretty. Short staffed Blazers team now, you don't have another big. You got to hope that whiteside can put together a couple more games here versus the Lakers. Right? Yeah. Collins has really been struggling and you know it's not surprising that he probably was going to be replaced in the lineup regardless. But you just if you're Portland, this has been the story of your season somebody's getting hurt at all times. So that's a bummer but the biggest loss for them is just that they have one less body and now you have to rely on whiteside so much more. You know he was great in game one, he had five blocks and he was instrumental in lock down the Lakers and protecting the rim that wasn't the case in game two. But now you got to hope to have an engaged Tucson whiteside for every game because he's GonNa be playing especially if collins isn't going to be able to go. Hopefully. It's better and ready for next season because he's a guy that has some promise out there you'd think he'd be like a kristaps porzingis maybe protecting the rim a little bit with his length and athleticism enabled the stretch, the floor and. Never actually figure out how to make his threes in the corner I felt like there were so many times the seating games, the ball get kicked collins in the corner you're like, here we go. Here we go. Let's see this one's actually dropping. It wasn't down in Orlando, but you know get the ankle right and then Get the shot right for next season. He seems like a guy that if he's your fourth or fifth best player on your team like you're pretty happy with that because he has shown promise obviously prior to the bubble situation where he just couldn't hit a shot, he was like clanking off the side of the backbone and There was some pretty brutal attempts but yeah, best of luck to him get back. You would think he'd be back for next season whenever the heck that starts anything to add tasks earlier and go to the next thing here. I will I, want to add anything about Zach cons get right. You got a nice little built in excuse for not playing well but you said a lot of a he hit the side of the glass with his three point shot. There's been a lot of those. Her husband. Yeah, and I'm glad standing Gundy is also pointed out just how many guys have been fouled on three point shots down here to. Man. So many in the game it's sort of continued a little bit in the playoffs and not like from is like doing the reggie like really kicking the legs and like getting away with one for drama context. Geysers trying to close three points users and just like too aggressive veneer they're hitting them or or getting into their space that you can't allow them the land. There's been a lot of that stop doing that salmon goody broken broadcast. He was like he was going through the numbers man he's he's a thirty, five percent, three points you're. Now you're telling him, he's an eighty percent free throw three point zero now is percents free throw shooter like do the math he was really breaking it down. So he knows his numbers noses voting as well..

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