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Board certified radiation Doctor, New York and one of the few in the world that's who I am. And when I give advice, it's based on years of practice and years of study. Usually much more study in years and board certification than most doctors you'll find, and we'll talk about the skin cancer is a woman who came from his former Soviet Union. She's 61 years old, and she had a skin cancer on her right knows who was eating through the skin eating through her nose whose destructive it was also rate of mass. You measured about a centimeter and a half growing just eating through you conceal. It's eating through the nose. There's not much of a normal knows tissue there and she saw dermatologists insurgent who wants to remove the right part of her nose and That's called Moe's Emily. Just most surgeons. She just does not want that destruction that excavation of her nose and she learned about our special skin cancer program. And by the way, we have a new Skin cancer book to show you and you may want to take a look at that your hands on that. It's very, very, very informative. Anyway, we talked about all the options and with her would be a short course of treatment, No cutting and no bleeding. This is the work that we do treating skin cancers. Base ourselves and squamous cells and character. I can't Roman other cancers of the skin, So if you have a cancer, the skin or if you have a bump, it's not going away. They want to give us a call. Two and two choices or come in you get a booklet and get a DVD or you can come in and get a booklet. Many people come to our office threat in the middle of New York City, Manhattan, sort of half a million people every day in our neighborhood between Penn Station and Macy's and Grand Central in Port Authority, in times, where there's a lot of people in our neighborhood, and you might be one of them and pick up some booklets. You pick up some extra book was people like to look at the skin cancer book a toe learn. Would skin cancers look like? Look what most looks like you could see pictures of people who had most of their nose and it's not a very appealing picture compared to our treatment. No cutting, no bleeding. This is the work that we do every day at 13 80 for Broadway, Broadway and 38 Street in the heart of New York City. Don't care about a man who comes in with prostate cancer. He has a Gleeson, a PSA 30. He also had them Foma. He was born in New Jersey 69 years old. He has two Children. And while he had them Foma treated successfully 10 years ago, and now he has this cancer of his prostate Gleason aid and he knows with surgery. Success rate is very low. It's about 20% with us. The majority of people are treated. He went to a doctor, the neighbouring state. You did a biopsy without anesthesia of the prostate. Well, we don't like that because we don't like people in pain. So if you have a need for a prostate evaluation or prostate biopsy might want to come in. And we can arrange to it that if you need a biopsy, get it painlessly..

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