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The. Culture where there's an increasing number of people trying to breed specific characteristics. And so they have particular individuals that they do want to to generate clutches of eggs from. So that they can put pitch right particular, Kalomo or or other characteristics that I say as favorable so we do get off to to do this investigation. And and like, you know, probably a little bit like birds we start at the beginning. And I would say it's an interesting thing because the discussion with the client often is about issues that I think the least likely and are at the end of our dog Nostitz worker, I think the vast majority of problems at the beginning at the husbandry FIS at the. At the point of nutritional general health of the at. So the first we do is, you know, that whole health assessment of the Eto Paran. We would include in that process. Trying to do some blood work trying to stick one of a little scopes one of endoscopes into the clock to visualize the structures within the clock. I'm and probably we're getting better and better. And and you've talked me numerous times about your all tra- sound work. But we do feel that we're getting a bitter and bit a handle on using the ultrasound to assist those intra abdominal structures, and so we would do that to start with talk to the people about managing the temperatures managing particularly with some of those more unusual Kalomo also sky than other beta dragons with the sky. A-list patents. Why's that those lease? It's not be managed to limit the difficulties they would have because of their genetics. So that's where we'd stop Brendan. I you doing the same sort of thing. Well, that's very comprehensive guide. I don't think got much to add to that. I think the other. The other side of the spectrum with ways, and you're servicing nam a much higher level of client than. Because you also have the other end of the spectrum where you have the hobbyist Prater to who only has two or three lizards at Hyman and operating and dies ones at sometimes just getting back to the by seeks way, we firstly on whether they have opposite sexes in. I mean closure and Tomase in many people forget the by seeks as far as by control it. We have a mile in the famous like this. Yes, I do. That was that was always always a wrapped in a tension. I'm with your with your data analysis of dis thighs difficult cases, God that did the the tricky to workout is Mark, and I get quite complex, and if the challenging and fun, but it's it's a bit of along hole, isn't it with some of the is trying to work at what's happening. They with with with the Nile on the Haiti's often a matter of just going back to basics and even with a relatively experienced breeders who who you know, the who have bred for a long time. And then they have a particular lizard that they fail is valuable. They they themselves. Often miss the basic principles that they've applaud I have a previous generations and an even things as simple as in the line of sought in the reptile room. So that a. Mile conc- another mile. And so will tension is directed at the territoriality to that other mile away from amazing closure, and it doesn't might. So those things making sure if JD would pay making sure they both healthy and not dealing with parasites or other problems. They your exactly right. I'm whether it's on breeders or relative novices who had just came to to to see this special is have babies. It is starting at the beginning working wife through. Yes. Yes. And and looking at the environment the fight period, the temperature gradients, and then work in from there, and eventually get through all of that new workout that high that pretty damn could while they're doing, and that's when you get to is challenging ones that you you just abandon Dato Mark that. Find exactly that very challenge in to deal with. And I think part of the issue is ones, especially when they're trying to do allays fancy braid breeding and cross Brady and Kalomo centuries. As other really really pushing the envelope as far as trying to get these animals to brazen. I just might not get there with some of them because not just just not going to happen. When somebody's potential cross crosses they trying to get to prayed. Yeah. So I think we're just about I was gonna say talked out some pretty hard to do. We just finished for our part two of lizard, Marie productive problems. And we could we talk like for several more episodes. But I reckon we should invite air wonderful listeners to send us some questions. I can direct discussion in the future. Brandon. Absolutely. That's vit- two girders at J mound dot com. And send us questions way to get the automobile and some very day-to-day mass from listeners, but we want more questions about or comments vet potential topics because we want to talk about what you want to hear. So I'm senders your thoughts and more guy from there. And with that enough this way can we will to next week. Thanks for listening to the vet podcast by the vet gurus. Don't forget to visit us at the website gurus dot com where you can subscribe view show nights. Listen, the previous episodes and more contact us by Email and Vickers g mail dot com to ask question or just I hide thanks again. And see you next time.

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