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Of a house panel to make sure his brother is more than another face on a T. shirt A. B. C.'s Adam Kelsey says before the tourney has some specific proposals for lawmakers engine chrome who represents the families of George Floyd Brianna Taylor and Amman are very implored the house Judiciary Committee to take action on police reform you have the power to make this moment in history the tipping point so many of us have been waiting for five M. four M. praying for among the proposals put forward by Crump mandatory body cameras for every police officer in the country Adam Kelsey ABC news Washington Boston mayor Marty Walsh says he's not interested in dropping ten percent of the police budget as some call for D. funding law enforcement says he's stalking with top police officials today cutting the budget just cutting the budget doesn't solve anything in the project budget doesn't deal with racism cutting the budget doesn't deal with systemic issues that doesn't resolve anything I think that what's what I've heard and I've heard from some of the counselors yesterday it's not just about cutting the budget is about how to weave redirects some of the money potentially into other areas one homeland security expert thinks the future of policing will look different WBZ's Karen regal with more on that homeland security consultant attorney Terry Downes agrees that we are at a crossroads they have some sort of a societal reckoning about what it is we expect the polite he does say an officer with a record of that former officer Minneapolis who knelt on the neck of George Floyd should not have been protected laws to protect police he says are being abused in some cases if a cop is that many complaints says downs there is a problem either you're having the world's worst black in explaining it to unreasonable people who are going to the police chief and complaining about you for more likely there's something seriously wrong the way you're going to get to these Karen recalls WBZ Boston's newsradio continuing a trend opioid related overdose deaths in Massachusetts drop again in the first three months of the year the depart of public health says preliminary data shows that there were four hundred and sixty seven deaths nearly six percent less than the same period last year the March figures are the first this year to overlap with the cold nineteen state of emergency and stay at home advisory health and Human Services secretary Mary Lou Sager says her agency during the pandemic has worked to make sure treatment centers have what they need to help their clients three oh three traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes backups on the expressway might E. L. the optical aid up the up the afternoon rush is on here band the south bound expressway all brake lights coming out of the o'neill tunnel you finally get some speed is a clear the gas tank they reduced speeds from granted out of right down into we smelled it ends up stopping go down towards the split at least twenty five minutes now from the tunnel down to Braintree northbound is slow going for me's Milton up past the ponds at circle but beyond that it's good if you're coming in on route three south little backup coming off the expressway by the time you're down by Union Street you're okay but there is stopping go down towards derby street where it drops down to two lanes we see that typically fell three ninety three a bit slow in either direction exiting off three twenty four that's the usual slow spot too how to the west delays on the mass turnpike westbound jammed up a good two miles from Sturbridge out inter Brimfield you're down to one lane for a bit after the eighty four interchange and then to the north route three in ninety three north we're off to a pretty good start to route one south is jammed up in Saugus the right lane is taken down after Lynn fells parkway down after hockey town if you're familiar with road work there miking WBZ's traffic on.

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