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Los Angeles., Dodgers, Walker Buehler discussed on Joe Giglio


Is that success of late winning seven straight and as crowns and reaching the World Series needs vlasti seasons they take on the nationals in the end of the S. tonight and start Walker Buehler against Chicago excuse me as Washington's Patrick Corbin buyer sell the Dodgers winning tonight against national I think it's incredibly important and then we allude to this earlier. small sample size five game series incredible pitching staff the nationals had to throw to the races to win that wild card game. you need to win this game of the dot like also this you know you don't have to win the game to win the series but if you win the game you avoid I think some serious danger territory from a baseball perspective before you know the psychology of the pressure of having I just get roles are the when it I think. I mean dealers not play well toward the end but its momentum as the nationals it's a tough call I think the daughters wings I think they're gonna make and when the World Series but it's I think tonight's a really critical by. all by yourself I like Tom likes to bring a lot of the likes to eight five five two one two four CBS is the phone number give us a call we'll talk from baseball talks mana fell my get into us you would you go away. no Los Angeles. never Los Angeles never Los Angeles as in from was wins constant to net whatever do just that I can't even reply it's too good it's too smooth he's a smooth operator I'm just a random guy and he's bring this with operator skills of the radio but LA right now rams tonight Dodgers tonight staples center soon to be the absolute center the NBA world the brown and collide in the Lakers and the clippers middle LA sports talking phone calls at eight five five two one two for CBS when we continue here.

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Los Angeles., Dodgers, Walker Buehler discussed on Joe Giglio

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