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There, that it's time to start moving. So mom's the word when everyone finds out, but now here we are almost 80 days later. Do we know what Britney's experience has been? Has she been able to speak out about this publicly? She hasn't at all. The only connection to her has been her representatives to her lawyers. U.S. consular officials were able to visit her back in March and reported that she was okay. What I'm hearing from people around her is that she's good considering. I mean, she's in jail in a foreign country. She doesn't speak the language, supposedly there are people around her who do speak English. She has reading material, the other reports that it was tough to find a bed to fitter, which would make sense. She is 6 foot 9. And that she's doing okay considering. But there's no way to independently verify that. It's tough. BG is us. We are BG, you know, that could have been us. We're really most concerned about her health and safety, especially her mental health. We want her home. Just imagine showing up for the start of a season and the biggest player in the game is not there. You can't just pretend all of a sudden that Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan or somebody just isn't there. And it's been tough for players who wanted to speak out more, but now they know that they have some freedom to start doing that. I think about her every day. And I can't wait till she gets back here with us. And he saw some incremental increase in how much they were talking about her. At the WNBA draft a few weeks ago. She continues to have our full support. First statement out of the commissioner's mouth was about Brittany griner. And certainly we're trying everything we can every angle working through with her legal representation, her agent, elected leaders, the administration, just everybody in our ecosystem to try and find ways to get her home safely and quickly as we can. And then just last week, there was a discussion about putting a decal on the floor of games. The WNBA is honoring grinder with floor decals of her initials, BG, and the number 42 in all of its arenas. And these are all deliberate, it's all strategic to slowly start to ramp up the amount of tension that her case is getting. And the U.S. government is now talking about her too. Well, that was the big change. It's a U.S. government will now negotiate more aggressively to win Britney greiner's release and will not wait for the Russian legal system to play out here. The people around her were just sort of waiting for permission or a sign that now it's time to really start speaking out. A State Department spokesperson saying in a statement they have now determined that the Russian Federation has wrongfully detained griner and that a special presidential envoy for hostage affairs will lead the interagency team for securing her release. When you talk about protests, you got to think about, well, who is it that you're actually protesting? Are you trying to create public pressure against Vladimir Putin? Because that's probably not going to work. This is somebody who launched an invasion united much of the world against him has been hit with the biggest sanctions and geopolitical history. And that didn't change him. So it seems unlikely that a hashtag is going to influence what he does. The real pressure that they want to create is with the U.S. government to try to force The White House and the State Department to make her a priority to cut a deal and get her home. And.

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