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Pull off the freeway into a gas station and let from the ambulance before immediately dropping to the ground for midway through the storm and ask you guys, how many miles do you think she led the police on an ambulance chase for headlines around southern Oregon you? Our guests are. So you can go first Tig which is second or there. On the first second or third to guess. I'll go first. Okay. Seven miles. Okay. Jason, Randy Sklar. It sounds like she went around for a while. Like I think. Say fourteen mile for two miles from she probably went about thirty miles. Okay. And as she is going around because she had to go far enough, right? They're not just to go far enough that like farther out they have to lay the tariff down. Yeah, the strips down one of you is exactly right. How we get to play a second level of this Katie think he's right. Me. I've been birdie guessing away from my leg. This is like prices right? Where you you're over guessing and it's going to be probably okay. I'm gonna say, I'm right. And what was yours? J. fourteen. Okay. I think Jay's. Okay. Yeah. All right. Halfway through the story, I can tell you that. Is it Kristi Lynn woods? C. Lynn woods drove around on a chase that took her thirty miles. Aleve in yourself that isn't Kristi Lynn breaker. Hi, seven. I'm like bone breakers. He's gonna cut this year. All today. Why didn't boomberg new? Fuck this enough of this shit around pool right in front or go up over the top and then roll his car making impossible Bom Boehm right. price break. So then she gets out. She pulls over there gas station leaps from the ambulance. Literally jump drops the ground quote, this is she informed Bom break who arrested her. I gave up when I should. She wants credit for that. I gave up when I should. That was a detail that caught my ear was she left out in mmediately, went down. Leap and then hit the ground. She lost tires. Got it. No, I don't kit. I'm done. There's no cops and she probably hit it on her way to the Douglas county jail. Kristie Lynnwood seem to truly astonished by the whole string of events quote, oh my God. I can't believe I just did that. She said she loves herself. How old is she? Gonna get to get to guess that too. She was booked on thirteen charges, including salt interfering with an EMT criminal mischief and reckless driving mischief is my favorite. I know mischief SVU. So court records show. She has multiple run ins with law in recent years in February. She was convicted of attempting to clobber bar patrons clobber. I know that's why Laver seems like it's, you're hitting someone in the side of her arm is like a beaver tail. She's just like, boom. Was it in the Bank clobber in time. That was the journey. What I want to get the word clobbered back into the okay. Back in the current contemporary offer is she was convicted of Tim. The patients were gobsmacked. Clobber. Run-ins for clobbering. Choose convicted of tempting to clobber bar patrons with a bottle ever at the idol. Our tavern at that, the dumb people talking to the idle, our idle, our, our taverns, happy hour at the scene, a lot of people cloud over there. Sign inside when you walk into Claverie. You wanna Claver go somewhere. Listen clobbering. We know you're going to want to. No one o'clock feeble. That you don't do it in here this time she may have taken things bit too far. She seemed to concede to bone break. Yes, I'm going to prison. Cops, she knew piss, I'm going to prison. There's a lot of interesting vocab toys is. I gave up when I should and in southern Florida. Yeah, yeah. Hit. I'm going to prison dress. I ask you guys now clobber. How old is Kristi Lynn woods? Are. Is. Yes. Wow, this is. Pictures of her. We do. By the way, sometimes John, you see a picture and it makes it hard. It doesn't helps. You're like, okay, this is what I was thinking. Just meth head where you in. Right? I wonder I if want either. to show we're gonna find out. Eventually I'm gonna tell you guys, but she had math. I'm gonna be in Portland on the third of November and Eugene on the fourth, no, maybe switches around third and fourth. I'll be an Eugene and Portland, Oregon. Go to Daniel van Kirk dot com. And I hope Christie.

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