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A month ago, she was about 50 50 for getting the shot. Now that she's learned more, she plans to get vaccinated. You know, I'm here to care for people. I would rather be the nurse than the patient, you know, she says another thing that changed her thinking the current surge. It's worse than any time during the pandemic. I'm Polly striker. KQED news. Google says it does not recognize the union more than 200 workers and alphabet, the parent company of Google have announced they're forming KQED Sam Harnett reports. Worker activism, and Google has been growing over issues like contracts with the military and the firing of employees who've spoken out in 18 22,000 workers walked out to protest sexual harassment, lack of diversity in the second class status of temps and contractors, which account for over half the company's workers. Engineer Alexander Peterson is one of the union organizer's We really want to save alphabet from itself. Stop it from becoming just another one of Thies. Huge, inhuman, faceless sensitives that just bulldozes humanity for the sake of profit in a statement, Google did not recognize the union, which includes contractors and service workers along with programmers. But the unions, 200 members is only a tiny fraction of the company's 260,000 Some odd workers. I'm Sam Hanna Kate. Comedian News. A California advisory board is calling on police agencies to review their officers, social media accounts, cell phones and computers for racist content that contribute to disproportionate stops of black people. The racial and identity Profiling Advisory board analyze close to four million vehicle and pedestrian stops by the state's 15 largest law enforcement agencies in 2019. The board found that people who were perceived as black were more than twice as likely to be stopped than their percentage of the population would suggest. I'm Brian..

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