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It was like God. It always existed in always will. What about you. I saw at a part eight was my first, and it was like a stain over at a friend's house. Who had the coolest older brother does we're talking Jason takes Manhattan. Yes. Okay. And Jason takes pulse. Heart captures Paul's agitation. Oh yes. What was the original takes your virginity essentially? The so yeah, I was bending the night at their house and they had Cinemax which was a Pandora's box of other illicit stuff you watch. But and I do mean Pandora's box. It releases evil, Jason voorhees and it was starting up decent takes Manhattan. And you didn't even plan it this? No, it's like, man. Cinemax is on in the background, were just hanging out having fun and talk it and staying up late. And I think this might have actually been the first time to that. I stayed up all night. You know one of those, you're like hanging out with your buddies and it's like it's four thirty. I've never been up this late. It's five here. Hey, it's six. The sun is up. So like technically we can go out and play now that so part of that like that was such a fun adventure admits that I'm watching Friday thirteenth part eight, and it is like a little bit like a bond movie or a season of SNL. The one that you was your sort of first taste or I interested in it. I know people don't. You know, party does maybe seen as a lesser work in the thirteenth cannon, but it holds some special place in my heart because it was the the first one, I I'm right there with you because in a different way, it was a first of mine. It was the first one I saw in the theater was party. Yes. Cool. And so I have a fondness for that movie too, and that you're right. That is one of the lowest regarded one day. Think what was the vied that night during member seeing. Actor, paul. I mean, literally the seats were electrified. Yeah, we weird move over the theater. I think that it was also one of the first times I was really getting a sense of how campy these films were, especially with all the humor when they go to New York slash clearly Vancouver. Right? Yes, yes. And I also, I think I remember having a dream about the main girl and that and it wasn't like an illicit sex stream. I had a real romantic crush on that girl. So I'm really curious to revisit that film and see if we still out by like a Valentine, hard candy chocolate kid, Kahlil flowers. It's funny because I remember her outfit more than her face. At this point. It's really, there's going to be a real through light for the fashion and how much it stuck with us. There's frosted jeans maybe best. Yeah, I think I wonder if I'm right. My recollection of her is that she's wearing white jeans and like a floor print ended up around leather jacket or something. That's right. I could be wrong to your descriptions. So vivid to me. So that's awesome. That the first your first in the theater? Yeah, there's also my first. So that's already shared. When we magic Sharon shears sorcery. Yeah, that's right that we share fate, but that. So did you the previous ones you saw on a video cassette by then? I my friend. I think it was mostly like my friend, Chad, McClure, and I were really into these movies and we would, you know, watch them through a lot of them with not even a sense of where they really fell in the great holiday. Like way I watched bond movies when I was a kid. I think you know, it's like when you get to Lazenby in the bond movie you go, okay, this is clearly between two bonds. So when you get to the thirteenth, the first one and there's no real Jason killer, you're kind of like, this is the first one and how many people right now I guess I said earlier, right, very beginning. I said, Jason. I'm not really in it, but I for some people listening to this, they went hall. Yeah. And so I, we probably shouldn't even say anything more about that one because there is we if you don't know who the killer is. Yeah, shouldn't. But we'll talk about it on that episodes..

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