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He missed a few games due to injury, which is not surprising, but he was extremely talented. I actually toughed it out. He played three for three of four of his first five years. He started all sixteen games even after all. Oh sex. I thought he was more talented than his brother, but you know, Derek got into a better situation at least early in his career. I don't know how that situation is gonna play out now. I still have when Sean grund goes, we got to put more pressure on the co. We got to put more pressure on the quarterback. Yeah, you don't wanna see had clue. MAC, you might have put a little more pressure on quarterback Mike in California. Hi, Mike. What do you have for me today? First time long time. Six, four to twenty five. Yeah, benefits definitely the dodgers going three out of four against the cards, which is nice. Esteem tweet went off. I think to think the baseball looked like a baseball to him over the weekend, but worse was definitely the Trojans getting drug by the techs by Texas and offense of play calling man. I dunno take care. All right. Thank you. Mike. We sort of had a decent weekend dodgers tied for the second wildcard team taking three of four. They bombed the cardinals yesterday, but Puig had a great weekend. Yeah, the USC game when USC started and you know, couple of penalties, but then JT Daniels leads him down the score touchdown. You're thinking. All right. All right. Maybe it's going to be competitive. And then all of a sudden you realize Texas was just a better team and blew him out. Thought it would be closer net. I wasn't surprised at all. The Texas won that game there. There was a report, Jim Lampley is gonna join us the great boxing announcer. He called the triple g Canelo Alvarez, fight and Floyd Mayweather did his best to try to steal the weekend because you had this title fight. And you know, obviously a big hype with a rematch and then Floyd mentions that he's going to there's negotiations for a pack yell, Mayweather partout not that anybody asked for it. This is what I learned last month when I was in Los Angeles, I sat down with Freddie Roach who has been a trainer for both and hall of fame trainer, and we were talking and he said, and we were talking about the first fight between pack yell and may whether in Freddie said, I never should have allowed Manny to go into that ring that night. I didn't want him to go into that ring, and I told people I didn't want him to fight, but I was overruled because there was so much money at stake there. And and then FREDDY goes, you know, Floyd flew to the Philippines to talk to Manny. I said about what he goes. I don't think they were talking politics and I said, okay, he goes, I think Floyd wants to fight him again and have a rematch. And at the time on thinking, okay, what are what's the odds of that happening that that they're really gonna fight again, does anybody wanna see it? So when the report came out and we actually did this in an interview, so I, I haven't undeniable. And the interview with Freddie is not gonna come out until January, but I, I remember talking to the producers. I said soon as I saw the story said, I think Freddie, he addressed this in sort of a matter of fact way where he goes. Yeah, you had Floyd flying to the Philippines to talk to Manny, and I don't think they were talking politics and I thought is anybody going to care about a rematch and I from what I'm told they're looking at that at the end of the year in December that pack. Yeah, that's how quick this can happen here. Manny and Floyd maybe in December. That's what I was told this morning. So never say never when it comes to boxing, we'll talk to Lampley about that controversial finish, you know, I feel like triple g has. I think he one of the fights and at worst probably got to draw on the second one and he has nothing to show for it of one of these fights there. All right. We'll take a break. We'll come back our best and worst of the weekend more of your phone calls right after this football season is here and no one covers football podcast. One sports we've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more.

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