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Is New York. Metaxas show Yes, American taxes. And yet this is the show. I get to talk to people about all kinds of things. We call it the show about everything today I'm talking Billy Hallowell about his book playing with fire a modern investigation into demons exercise. Um, and ghosts. Now, Billy, you mentioned that something happened. You know, this is not in the book, but I thought this is a good place for you to talk about it. With regard to the contract for the book, Some kind of spooky, odd something so tell us what happened. Yeah, You know, this is something that I haven't really been sharing. And it's because, you know, you don't want to go out there and like I'm sharing my spooky story to try to sell the book about demons, and because I listen, I've prayed through this book from start to finish more than I ever had. That was the best lesson for me. Was to say, Is this something I really want to do? And then say, Well, wait a minute. Is this something that God wants me to do? So last August, when this opportunity came? It was not an opportunity. I mentioned I had a book contract before on a similar topic. I said no to it s O. I was caught just going into it. I had mentioned this on a phone call with the publisher and I did not fill out a proposal. Which, as you know, you've written many books, Eric. The normal procedure is you have a book proposal you go through and you They made this offer to do this book with like a one pager basically about the book and every part of it was dropped in my lap to do and I was resistant to it. But the day that my agent called me to tell me That I was getting this contract, which I was shocked to hear my phone ring. I'm talking to him and my wife sends me a text, and she's like that's really weird. She's looking at her phone and she sent me a screenshot. Siri had gone off and It said, you know, had a person's name this person. Do you really want to call this person? You know, Siri Siri thought that my wife had said you want to call this individual's name and the person that it was referencing was a friend of ours who had died. And it was one of those things were. It always kind of bothered me because I had openly said this. I felt like man, we didn't really talk to him about Jesus. I never had a chance to we. We always wanted to have him over, like, come over come over, and he had this unexpected death before we're able to do that, and It was. It was just a really weird moment. It was the exact moment they're calling to tell me this. She's sending me this text. My phone just went off with this number. We wouldn't It wouldn't have done that. She wouldn't have said anything into her phone that would have made that happen because he had been gone for a few years. And it just There was something about it. That really gave me this strange pause and I'm not saying that a demon made it happened, But it was the chances of it happening in that very moment. As I'm on the phone and her sending it to me. It freaked me out enough to sit on the book contract for a month and a half and to say, Is this really something that I want to enter back into? Because I had had some things that had happened before. When I was covering these issues that I found really strange and it's possible that it was that it was God. Doing this? It felt dark to you. I'm not clear on why wouldn't it if I kind of just nudging you? So it felt uncertain and I wasn't sure and I was really backing away because I'll be honest with you and writing books. You know a lot of the things that I've done I've done because I've wanted to advance my own career. I wanted to do things for myself and what I loved about this project was once I got into it. I really felt like God was guiding the process and he had dropped in my lap. I, for some reason was so turned off in that moment. I may be shocked in that moment that I interpreted it as something that was dark when I don't know. I don't know that it was. I know for a fact that wanted me to do this. He sent me on this path to do this project and so and that It's been an amazing process, writing this book and being able to talk about this, So there was just something about that In that moment, you know when you have those moments where something lines up in a strange way. For me. I tend to back away from those things because and I'll be honest. I was really afraid of this topic, even though I had dealt with it written about it in very small bits and pieces. Before I worked on this book, I came to realize even though I should have known this is a lifelong Christian that we have authority over this stuff. We don't need to be afraid of it. We don't need to be in fear over it. And so that was a big gain for me personally throughout that process, But that moment was strange for May. Well, you know, I think that because this is real, we need to take it seriously, uh, not lightly. In other words, I think that people don't understand. How horrific evil is and how horrific demons are. And I think that if you do you claim more to Jesus, you understand that without him, you're at the mercy of dark forces, and you can't just pretend they don't exist. But I think a lot of times when it comes to people have our lives superstitions, right? And so knock wood where, you know, they do things that like they're trying to. It's like paying off the Mafia to leave you alone..

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