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Weird obsession that the speed overall speed of session the lot. It's definitely do think. Question, he's looking hands. He's turning the steering wheel with to me. Why would you bother like I just go, right? It's, it's like you watch. Pit of a guy driving f one, and you see him steering all over the place, but it's always she's crazy corrections, but nothing's I get because other people on a track that direction. And this is just go, right? Just he's there's a line he's trying to stay on the line. Okay. Around and glee and he's trying to go straight and stay on the line in the crazy movement of the hands of barely moving the car more a little bit. If you if you do this, would you want the English approach or the American approach? I'd probably take the one that was five hundred and fifty miles an hour slower trying to get this for safety. So I've is the other one twice as dangerous. I don't know. I mean the technology that broke that the English broke it, like I dunno ninety eight or two thousand or something bro. It's been broken for while broke the sound barrier and took the record. And I don't know if they want over thousand or somebody's fixing to go over thousands. This all falls under the heading for me in this sort of game. I like to play my head which is whose wife is more pests. And as the guy drives drag boats, the guy just the tractor pulls the guy who goes out to Bonneville its entire. By the way, this is this is a weak with all the other weeks in the air have to be consumed, maybe trying to not get paid to kill yourself, like that's like, whose wife is more those crazy speedboats. What percentage is it the boats that take to the air eventually and go straight up there? Is it one hundred percents sickly ninety? Nine point something because every croup. On superfan with a guy drag boats. The guys driving drag boats eventually figured out that they needed to contain themselves into military aircraft cockpits. And so when the thing inevitably went out of control, they would literally just get Shatteh sin and their pod. Right. Ojected take off. Yeah. Yeah. So they they somehow figured out that the guy should be in a little his own little snow globe smart. What is what is the speed? Is it over thousands? We broke thousand max Pata and what year was that? And hurry? All right. I'll tell you about lifelock well, come on. That's an easy one..

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