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To overtake them and andre johnson put up a good fight but eventually as calvin johnson hit his prime he became the best receiver in the game and i believe that's about to happen at age twenty five turning twenty six for dell beckham junior he's the eyeball test says he's better than those guys how good he was at certain ages says he was better than those guys and furthermore guys he really hasn't played so far in his career behind a decent offense of line or on a team with a running game which would help him greatly even evan ingraham last year rookie tight end usually titans take about a year to get going this season the giants will see what the offensive line is but certainly it should be better than last year willer nand isn't need soldier on the left side and they drafted saquon barkley who's another all world oh my god i've never seen that before level talent in the running game and he can catch passes out of the backfield so is set up both in terms of age in the trajectory trajectory of his career and now what his own offensive side of the ball has on his team to overtake brown and julio jones is the best why'd out in the game and i'm calling it by the end of this year you'll all be agreeing with we'll god love it i love that you're calling it i mean you look i get a little sick and then i come in and out of the show i'm a guest on most occasions not today but there's a double standard okay that's the god's honest truth there's a double standard for what i'm held to and you the truth matters i get all right there and you were saying.

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