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You know like taking exogenous key towns so where do you come down on the keita genyk diet where do you come down on on this this kind of dissension amongst health professionals about this subject yeah i call it zero point five biller strategies right so you come up with a couple of studies showing acute effects let's say you eat lots of butter and after three months you can look at a twenty people and they show like lower cholesterol and the zero point five pillars approach is very dangerous right why is it very dangerous for example if you take mice and you give it a lobe high protein diet right and relatively high fat they actually lose weight and if you stop the study right there you say this is a good diet you know if you continue eventually they've development the bolic diseases and they die early if you give him a low protein diet high carbohydrate diet actually gained a little bit of weight if you stop there you will say a bed better idea if you continue they have less metabolic diseases and they live a longer so why is it problematic than to have zero point five health appeal well because you're gonna get surprise and and so if you look at me many many studies many of which i listed in my book you see that the the low fat avoiding the situation fats over and over and over is a good idea avoid in the unsaturated the olive oil are not successor it's a bad idea so for example the the asterik study in spain thousands of people randomize trial you put health of them on lots of olive oil or lots of nuts every day that had to stop the study because i was an etiquette for the control group not to have the same right but if you look at assisting work and you look at the denomination not just then but lots lots of data you see that.

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