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I can only imagine that y'all got different fathers mothers. But it's interesting, isn't that? What is it? What what is she talking about? I have eleven brothers and sisters who Dow. Which is about my MAC and cheese. Yeah. Levin. So the same mother and father. No, it's it's tricky like you said, my mom had six kids on the sixth the baby. Yeah. And then I have a different father to those siblings. So five or from one father heroes them all and then he's the sixth with a different father. So I said imagine imagine being the baby from six kids five of which had the same parent, and then you show up with different parent. Right magin. I said to him did you ever feel less then because these kids all had the same mom and dad, and you were the odd one out. Really, I was also I was the black one in the family to and I just couldn't understand why different Caucasian aboriginal mix the looked very very light. So we will go out in public. And people would always ask if I was adopted and like, it was just always know. Right. And I just under stand. Why? Different to my mom, and my siblings. And my dad was in my life. I knew even have native flood. It's your father's Nigeria. Yes. So it's just like what's going on? But my mom was always like you have to understand like your your color does not make you different your siblings. We are one family who. Yeah. Yeah. But at the same time like the guy that was raising my siblings like he came back to the picture like he didn't have any interest in being my dad. Right. It was very obvious. Like he just and I knew from like a kid like he wasn't. He wasn't going to pretend to be my dad, and like that was that. And you know, I say to him Faulk haw. And so what about the other five you said there are eleven. Yeah. It should be. All over the world. Yes. My dad your Nigerian dad Jane died. He. Yes. And a zinc for life zest for life. Gets another world. Yeah. Yeah. So I have four brothers and sisters the full Nigerian that were born there. I have a Simone brother in Indonesian, brother. So he's any national lover knighted nations. And apparently, according to my brothers. I just saw them a few weeks ago that was saying that might have two other siblings. What we do not. I think you should start a music group with your brothers. Fabulous. Now. Do you love joy in culture? Do your Keenan. I do I mean, it's home. But it's a it's I I there's a lot of things that are similar to American things are different. But it took me moving over here to realize now, how do you eat you vegemite? I like to put butter on the toast. I lightly. That's the way to do it. That's the way to do it burnt to on. I like it burnt because the thing is what happens is we Americans go over there and go, oh, we spread it like peanut butter. No, no, no. You gotta do it thinly. And you know, what it tastes like sauteed mushrooms when you do rare. No, no. If you do it right with the butter is key taste like sauteed, mushrooms. It's delicious. Yeah. Very good. You like it marriage Australian from Perth Australia. So he's got I've personality. Yeah. I've in skunk st-. I mean, -sconsin Australian culture, I've just known all my life. Just most of my life Austrailia, so Geelong go back there..

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