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Could be saving more on car insurance we pay per mile insurance from Allstate pay for the miles you drive and save on the miles you don't call a local Allstate agent and get a quote now I will do blogs are audio journals next then we get a thanks to my local heroes in our community and give you a thousand Bucks all in the next fifteen minutes three five better than that these are the radio with status update six fifteen eight fifteen we do what we call a blog like writing in our diaries your blog I had a really exciting weekend at a house party with a thousand people and the mayor people talking about it yeah and then the cops came broke it up it was really rude you can get better and we know yeah I just wanna make that clear I actually think that that's true I see so you know he is you know he is revealing I'm like the dad throwing up the song I'm like the kid throwing up little softball pitches for dad and he's hit some ran slams on the kids.

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