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It was two thousand thirteen with a horse by name of orb. And of course, he would go on and win the Kentucky Derby, so they're hoping lightning will strike twice. And we'll see code of honor can rebound later today. Bourbon war comes into this racist somewhat of a buzz horse ten to one on the morning line. But Anthony's to Bill the big who will anchor the coverage later today joined us earlier in this hour, and he talked about bourbon Warren how good he thinks he can be and how professional he's been. Well, his trainer Mark Hennig started by looking back on bourbon wars two year old season. Would you Anthony? He was a bit of a clown. And you know, he didn't really you know, he would throw in a couple head scratchers. When when we we're breezing him last summer it sir Togan we we backed off on him for a while. You know, he just wasn't quite ready yet Manolete. But you know, I think after running the first time it just really woke him up, and he's a big tough. You know, he's not real big. But he's a tough minded Colton toughness stall. And I don't think he minds, you know, a little context. So I think you know, when it came time to to, you know, get initiated there in the Remington. He he took it pretty hard at the beginning of the race. And he's still, you know, went on and ran, and I think that the next time it happened to him in in this last allowance ratio. He was ready for rose to the challenge. And I read told me after the ramps, and he he really liked him. You know, when I heard horse gets fourth beaten nine lengths and jockettes often. He's kind of giving you that look. And he said, this is a nice horse. He said, you know, we nothing went our way I gave him a little school. And because it wasn't going to work out. You know? So I mean, he he he gave me a lot of confidence going forward and then hitting the horse down here and training him in south Florida. You know, you could really see the difference. In the horse prior than than the way trained prior to run in the first time, we didn't get to breezing between the maiden win and the ramps and so really had no indication how much he moved forward from the maiden win tough-minded. That's the way Marquette he describes bourbon war, and he's going to have to be tough minded in race like the fountain of youth today. But that should bode well for this horse from a mental perspective not only today but moving forward. Yeah. It's it's nice to have a horse. That's, you know, ready for any challenge in lives up to it. He's going to have to improve his speed figures a little bit. He's not one of the faster horses in the race. But he certainly is tough and game marks and excellent trainer. A one tons of races used to work for doing Lucas back in the day. I've known Mark for over thirty years, and he he's just a top notch guy. So when when Mark talks people, listen, I think that horse, you know, he certainly one of the major contenders in. He can finish he can finish. And he he, you know, it's like he'd never gives up even in the in the race where where you know, he ran forth wasn't that that big of a deal. I mean, it was only a second start me. He was coming back in seventeen days, which is not the end of the world. But I mean, it's a lot for a horse to pack into a little over two weeks time, I can your made and then come back in a graded stakes and you know, the time in between races really helps two year old. Anyway, I think if they have a little like two or three month break, it really kind of rejuvenates them in in in sets on new path. And we'll see how far the source goes. But we talked about the competitive nature of the fountain of youth later today, and what many handicappers and even trainers will be trying to figure out is how the race will shape up from a pace perspective. Well, Stanley huff sends out global campaign who has been ultra impressive in his very brief career so far and..

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