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Out for those convicted in the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Ca Shoji, but many wonder if Justice was done. Two years after his grisly murder in the Turkish consulate. A Saudi court has jailed eight people for between seven and 20 years for the murder of Jamal Kashiwagi. None of the defendants was ever named. The court had already concluded cash. Augie's murder and believed dismemberment was not premeditated or ordered by anyone in power and these sentences like the trial itself. Really to be rejected as illegitimate by international jurists. Vicki Barker CBS NEWS London The German hospital treating Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny says he's been taken out of an induced coma and is responsive. The hospital says the Valley's condition has improved, allowing doctors to end the medically induced coma on gradually ease him off mechanical ventilation. It notes that he's been responding to speech but long term consequences off the serious poisoning. And still not be ruled out. He's being in an induced coma since he was flown to Germany for treatment. Officials had said last week that tests had showed proof without doubt. He's been poisoned with a chemical nerve agent from a nervous shock group. I'm Charles had asthma, A tell all book by the president's former attorney, Michael Cohen, goes on sale tomorrow. Among the topics he touches on President Trump's views of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a former president Barack Obama. CBS NEWS White House correspondent Paula Reed has more. CBS News obtained an early copy of Cohen's book, where he reveals President Trump's admiration for Vladimir Putin's ability to take over an entire nation and run it like it was his personal company. Coen's Behind the scenes account corroborates accusations previously made about the president, including hatred and contempt for his predecessor, Barack Obama. The Navajo nation has joined calls for an accounting of dozens of deaths of soldiers that a sprawling army installation in central Texas correspondent Jim Crow Sula is following the story. The Navajo Nation is calling for an investigation of deaths at Fort Hood, Texas, after one of its members became the latest, a soldier from the Army Post near Colleen. To die this year 25 year old private Carlton. She died last week, several days after collapsing following a physical training exercise. He was the 28th Fort Hood soldier to die this year. On this labor day when we honor American workers don't forget those working to protect the country as you attend family barbecues and get togethers know that many of our military personnel are hard at work their own watch. It may be on watch stations around the world doing with the nation calls them to do. Retired four star Navy Admiral Sesil Haney. Former commander U S Strategic Command says salute in military service regardless of which service He also recognizes military families who've lost loved ones. They have endured a lot of pain, but frankly, they have given the ultimate sacrifice. Stephanie GAINS Bryant w. T O P News and just ahead colleges rushed to quarantine students amid the Corona virus infections. It's 2 34 from regular.

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