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Yeah point grown up do you remember when quarterbacks became important was it unites star nemeth those guys whereas while the new face of the team is no it was always running backs for me was time when it changed was like yeah joe nemeth or before that unites unites was larger than life because you know he invented the two minute drill it always felt like united was just precision like nemeth was flamboyant you know he was the polar opposite of johnny united so when name came in it was like whoa this big personality at that position lenny dawson wasn't a big personality is a better quarterback the name of but joe came in and just he was the right place at the right time and then pulled off the biggest upset in nfl history and he got into the hall of fame because of that but i remember fran torkington was interesting bar start i never thought was great but but quarterbacks were viewed as leaders back then like bob greasy was a leader i think roger starbuck change the position where you could be athletes i mean roger was an unbelievable athlete and i hated the cowboys because it always seemed like he was gonna do damage to you denver at craig morton he wasn't anything special trying to think joe cap wasn't he was a lead you know like if you were great passer like you were leader he's leader fran torkington was he was interesting fun to watch athlete roman gabriel trying to think who else would stand out there.

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