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Came into Saturday for all time in home, divisional round playoff games for Smith and the Bills up 10 to 3 on the Ravens. Buffalo got defensive snap of our Jackson back to throw guns it into the end zone, intercepting too deep in the end zone intercepted by Terrence Johnson, and he brings it out. He's still on the run. He may go all the way he's in the Baltimore 40 30 gets a block at the 2010 5 touchdown. The call on the Buffalo Bills radio network. Lamar Jackson suffered a concussion suit after Bills hang on 17 3 and head to their first conference championship in 27 years, And for all that Aaron Rodgers has accomplished in his whole fame career. There's one thing he's never done. Play in an NFC championship game at Lambeau Field. Well, check that one off the list as the Packers rolled up 484 yards of offense on their way to a 32 18 something of the rand. Around the coaching carousel. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Eagles have requested interviews with a pair of offensive coordinators, the Patriots Josh Daniels and the Chiefs of Erik the enemy. Their head coaching vacancy. Also, the Bills offensive coordinator, Brian Table has emerged as the favorite to land the head coaching job with the charges, but they must wait for the barrels to be finished with the postseason before they could negotiate. No. On the hardwood. James Harden the feud in a Brooklyn uniforms and nab a triple double in the next 1 22 1 15 win over the Magic and Marshall is expected the higher Alabama assistant, Charles huh, as their new head coach. We're back on Monday.

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