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Services for the president and his family for personal travel hospitality vacation and the like neither just nor I think this is doug band talking separately competent. Neither just nor I are separately compensated for these activities air go we do not receive they see four percentage of the more than fifty million in four profit activity. We Hab personally helped secure for President Clinton to date or the sixty six million in future contracts. Should he choose to continue those engagements all right so we don't get a cut in that. We're no no no no we. Don't we just do it because we like them. You know and and part of that deal is they give money to the Clinton Foundation Teneo and this and that and so. It's all part of the same thing with respect to business deals for his advisory Services Justin and I found developed and brought the President Clinton multiple arrangements for him to accept reject of his current four arrangements we secured all of them and we have Helped manage and maintain all of his for profit business relationships since two thousand thousand one President Clinton's business arrangements have yielded more than thirty million dollars for him personally with sixty six million to be paid out over the next nine years. Should he choose. Continues and Blah Blah Blah Blah now. What was summarized in the coverage at the time was that he was selling his clients on the idea that giving to the foundation was an essence? Say Way to bolster their influence. Clinton band built a platform for executives to bolster their companies images bathe in and Bill Clinton's praises and do some good while to neo extracted earnings for band. And depending on what you see in these emails els Clinton himself to NATO paid Clinton until late. Eleven now as they pointed out. I guess you can wave it all off as a nothing burger but Chelsea Clinton in some of the Clintons other aides were clearly freaking out and he concluded by sane generally the email show Clinton's own closest aides troubled or horrified by things that her surrogates have spent years wave in awe this during the Podesta emails. Els and stuff going on now. What they were worried about as he sends this to a John Doug Band which was the aide Bill Clinton they had run and also to sharrow mills and John Podesta was dated November twelfth? Twenty eleven now to Podesta. This is before the year before the twelve election cycle. Now the twelve campaign now okay so by that time you know here. He Clinton is. You know deepened secretary of state and doing nailed getty. They're and they're doing the international traveling around on on the taxpayer dime to do business all over the world on this stuff and annual earlier. And here's a car to you know gets taken care of behind the scenes Kinda deal or just days before the above mentioned memo was sent out admits that I'm start. This is Doug Band to pedestrian. I'm starting to worry that this story gets out. We are screwed now. They thought it was going to Chelsea Clinton might have something to do with this. She was poking around and in her name of something. Something something. That's not where it came from. It came from the Podesta wikileaks. When that released? All this stuff started coming out and going the heck it was due to the hack of John. Podesta's email account however in light of the latest FBI FBI scandal involving Anthony Weiner meaner it remains to be seen if either banned or the Clintons are screwed. It appears that the general public has more than enough distractions to forget about this potential Graf scandal including the Clintons and their influence peddling clients. That was the last you saw of this The started going going down this road. And then boom Anthony Wieder you know the pedestrian email even the child sex trafficking and and Epstein Christina anything and certainly the impeachment of trump was to pull away from this. This is we don't want we'll talk about just about anything about this US okay. Now that was was the date on this. This was in October thirtieth of sixteen. I think whereas there's a October thirtieth sixteen all right now the month and a half four six weeks before was this article about about them doing the IPO. What they're I give a little bit more on this? They were institutionalizing. Four prophet and you could Invest Fifteen gazillion different ways of stock. Whatever.

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